The Blue Whale Awareness Campaign

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The Blue Whale Awareness Campaign 1

The Blue Whale game has been causing a lot of buzz recently. This is a game that originated in Russia in 2013 as an internet suicide game and has been making rounds all around the world. This is a game that takes 50 days and each day the player is given a task, which revolves around inflicting pain on oneself, waking up at odd hours, carving a whale on your forearm, and finally on the last day, asking the player to commit suicide. If the player refuses to do so, then they are threatened that their family will be hurt.

Many people, by the end of the game, do not commit suicide because they are depressed; they commit suicide because they are afraid that their family will get hurt if they do not. This game has claimed the lives of many innocent youngsters. According to reports, this game has claimed 130 lives in Russia.

The death toll due to this horrendous game has been on the rise in India too. Kochi, Calcutta, Trivandrum, Nagpur, Thane are some of the cities that have had a lot of such suicides. Although a lot of awareness has been created, there are still millions of people who are playing the game. This is evident when you search on twitter for the hashtag #IAmAWhale.

There are quite a number of photos with people using a razor blade to carve out a whale on their arms and are quite disturbing. As many teenagers are trying out this game and taking it a bit too seriously, many schools in the United States have warned parents about the dangers of this game and have asked them to monitor their kids. A lot of awareness has also been created on social media laying out the facts about the game and asking people not to play the game.

The Blue Whale Awareness Campaign 2

Recently, a 73-year-old man has asked the Supreme Court to ban this game as it has claimed the lives of numerous innocent people. Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud agreed to hear the matter on September 15 and decide what needs to be done. The main concern is the loss of lives. Every person who plays the game forwards it to all his friends and the chain continues. This game seems to target people who are depressed and are in need of emotional help. Most importantly, the people who have fallen prey to this game are kids (13 -16 years of age).

Previously, the Delhi High Court had ordered Google, Facebook, and Yahoo to take down links to the blue whale game. Madurai City Police has confirmed that a student who committed suicide, thanks to the blue whale game, has forwarded the game to all his friends, 150 of them to be exact. This is a cause for alarm as this might lead to many more people taking their lives.

Hopefully, people realize that this is a horrendous and an appalling game and stop playing this cruel game. In fact, this is not a game. Games are played to have fun and for recreational purposes. However, the blue whale challenge only has tasks that involve harming oneself and finally taking their life. Please be careful and if any of your friends are involved in this challenge, ask them to stop immediately and get help.

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