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Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy

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Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 1
Source:Dekh News

MS Dhoni is not just a cricketer. He has a lot of things- He is the only batsman who can change the match single-handedly even without a boundary. Behind the sobriquet of ‘Captain Cool’, he is an ultimate limited-overs player and has a god-gifted automated cooling brain which always assists him to build an outstanding strategy for the game.

In this occasion let’s look back at this plucky boy from Ranchi, Bihar. He could hit the ball harder than anyone from any point of the pitch. An aura of a carefree warrior and the bat speed of flash! MS Dhoni was a sensation way before he became one. Nowadays, kids watching cricket doesn’t look for the perfect straight drive or square cut down under the fielder’s reach. They fight over the height of the back lift while playing a helicopter shot. This is what Dhoni brought among the youths.



Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 2
Mahendra Singh Dhoni in his childhood Source: YouTube

Though it’s true that all he is right now, he didn’t do it himself. In every abutment of life, he received plenty backing but the cornerstone of his outstanding game was always himself. So what he has done as a captain is truly noteworthy and deserves to be appreciated.

Some Unforgettable moments:


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 3
Source: YouTube


  • It could rather be called as Dhoni’s 5G stumping. Bangladesh needed two runs to win off the last of the innings. Pandya bowled and it went straight into Dhoni’s right palm. The non-striker has already started running towards the strike. Leaving behind all his ageing thing Dhoni stumped it before the batsman enters the crease.


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 4
Dhoni to Perera Source: YouTube
  • IPL, when it’s a game of hustle and bustle, Dhoni showed the havoc he is capable of. A match against Sunrisers Hyderabad at his home ground. He smashed Thisara Perera with his flawless Five Sixes. Long on, Fine leg, Deep Point none of the corners of the field were left off. 34 runs including 2 wides, and over to remember for both.


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 5
Dhoni to Eranga against Sri Lanka Source: YouTube
  • Despite an injury and on a slack pitch against Sri Lanka(Tri-Series), he managed to score 2 in the penultimate over and got under pressure. But this time also his brain didn’t fail to cooperate with him. In the last three deliveries, he ended the game with two helicopter sixes and a boundary over point.


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 6
Dhoni, after the winning stroke, watches the ball soaring out the boundary Source:YouTube
  • This is the one which made Dhoni a legendary hero of all time. Chasing a stiff target in ICC ODI World Cup against Sri Lanka, and after the loss of Gautam Gambhir, in the 49th over 4 runs were required. But Dhoni made it in one delivery to bag the first ICC World Cup Trophy of his era. As the crowds along with Yuvraj were rushing towards the field, Dhoni stared at the ball finally reach the sky limits to ensure the victory.


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 7
Source: YouTube

Though it sounded like a tale written by the destiny Mahi considered it as a result of his hard work and dedication towards the nation. He taught the next generation to break the shackles of their stereotypes and live the dream. Many of you are going to argue for the absence of aesthetic sense in his batting, you should never forget the victory that he gifted which no other captain could (ask Virat).


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 8
Dhoni with his family celebrating his 35th birthday Source : Twitter

But all the time, he couldn’t the magic wire to tie up his team to the victory. Sometimes he fails to get the job done. It is only easy to say that he should change his strategy.  As like a normal human on one side where the triumph serves him the uplift on the other failure ties him down. Just like Life.


Captain Cool Turns 35: A Tribute To His Legacy 9
Source: quotespick

Though he has been whitewashed a lot of times which might drift his mind but we shouldn’t forget that he is the one who mutated the nation by finding young talents all over India and bring them to the action thereby resulting in lifting the title for the nation.

For now, we wish that he would continue on his life innings and resume the victory thread spread over again.


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