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4 Exercises To Lose Your Weight Faster

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Losing weight is not everybody’s cup of tea. you have to go through many hardships maintain diets, you had to eat salad and vegetables you don’t like. But not only this you have to do extreme work out to sweat out the fat in you. Though there are some easy workout methods as well that can help you in weight loss.

4 Exercises To Lose Your Weight Faster 1

1. Hipless crunch

Lie on back with legs lifted and bent, calves parallel to floor, and feet relaxed. Cross arms over the chest with hands-on shoulders. Contract abdominal muscles and lift head, shoulders, and upper back off the floor. Lower without touching head to the floor. Exhale as you lift; inhale as you lower.
2. No hands reverse crunch
Lie faceup with arms overhead and hands grasping a heavy piece of furniture or railing. Raise feet into the air with legs bent. Contract abs, press back into the floor, and lift hips off the floor. Exhale as you lift; inhale as you lower.
4 Exercises To Lose Your Weight Faster 2

3. V Crunch

Balance on tailbone with legs bent, feet off the floor, and arms bent at sides. Make sure back is straight and chest is lifted. Lean back and extend arms and legs, then pull back to start. position.

4. Side Plank

Lie on right side, elbow beneath shoulder, feet stacked, left hand on hip. Contract abs to lift hip and leg off the floor. Hold until fatigued, noting your time. Do 3 sets before switching sides.
These methods will help you lose your belly fat and will boost your energy and stamina as well.

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