In today’s fast-paced world, people usually have no time to move around. Thanks to the growing technology that made the already sedentary lifestyle of people more seated.

People are today sitting in front of their screens the whole day with no regard for their physical health.

What is the consequence of this neglect? You gain weight and develop belly fat. Belly fat is the fat that surrounds your belly area and usually pops around the abdomen area. Best workouts to lose belly fat come in handy to have a little activity in your day.

Belly fat is usually very easy to gain and the hardest to lose. So, people often wonder how to lose belly fat. What are the ways to lose belly fat? Are there any best workouts to lose belly fat?

You might often want to lose belly fat quickly. It might be due to many reasons such as having a dress to fit in for your birthday or one’s wedding, trying to go to some adventure activity, or you want to fit in your old jeans.

Who does not want a flatter stomach!!

There can be various reasons, and this article will give you solutions to lose belly fat – the best diet and the best workouts to lose belly fat.  This is all based on science and no bluffing. So keep reading to lose those inches from your waist!

1. What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is the abdominal fat that is accumulated around the torso region of a person. It is of two types: subcutaneous, which is seen on the surface, and visceral, which is deep-seated on the organs.  In unhealthy people, there is excess belly fat, and it is visible protruding from the sides.

Over time, this visceral fat increases and is dangerous to the human body.

It is necessary to reduce this fat. This article will focus on the best workouts to lose belly fat and make you healthy.

2. Why Is Belly Fat Dangerous?

best workouts to lose belly fat
by Andres Ayrton/Pexels. Copyright 2021

All humans have fats in their bodies. It is necessary for us to survive. It is present under our skin and over our organs to protect them. Essential fats are necessary for the healthy functioning of a body.

What is not good is the excess body fat. It is also called deep fat or visceral fat. It is this fact that is the culprit.

It causes problems like heart disease, high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes (type 2), certain types of cancers and dementia, etc. Having excess body fat is the main cause of a catena of diseases.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, the circumference of your waist can be taken as an indication of the probability of developing certain kinds of diseases.

For women, the waist should not be more than 35 inches in length, and for men, the safe length is around 40 inches. Measurements more than these indicate excess belly fat.

These are general indications of high abdominal fat. The real measurement of health should be your lifestyle and healthy diet.

Reducing belly fat is often hard and the most sought-after aesthetic fitness goal. But fret not! This article will provide you with the best workouts to lose belly fat!

3. How to Reduce Belly Fat?

Belly fat can be reduced in the best possible way by combining exercise and diet. The workout should focus on the overall body, and the diet should be healthy foods without junk and processed foods.

This article will mention all the best workouts to lose belly fat and diet tips that you can incorporate.

4. Weight Loss or Fat Loss for Losing Belly Fat?

Losing belly fat requires you to lose body fat along with losing weight. One might even think that losing body fat is the same as losing weight. The answer to this is no.

Weight loss” and “Fat loss” are different concepts that are often confused by general people.

The majority of people don’t even know if there lies a difference between the two. Weight loss is simply losing weight from the body. The weight of a body comprises both weights – fat and muscles.

When you undergo weight loss, you might be losing muscle mass too. In case of fat loss, you lose the body fat and preserve the muscle mass. Muscle mass is important to maintain a healthy body and prevent osteoporosis, a bone disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt an exercise routine that incorporates all body muscles and is a full-body exercise. So when doing the best workouts to lose belly fat, one should consider burning fat from the overall body.

So start saying that you want to lose fat and not just lose weight because that muscle is important.

5. Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

I know you might not like working out but believe it or not, it will do wonders for your body. It reduces stress hormones from your body by realizing a hormone called endorphins, also called the stress/pain relieving hormone.

The best workouts to lose belly fat are those which work on your overall body by burning calories. The myth that a certain workout routine specifically targeting belly fat would burn calories and thereby reduce belly fat is no more legit.

It is now scientifically proven that you cannot target any one area and burn fat from that body part fat in isolation. For example, you are slim overall but have heavy arms or, say, belly fat.

You cannot just perform exercises for the arm and or workout to lose only belly fat to reduce fat from these areas.

You need a proper workout for the overall body and a proper healthy diet to effectively lose belly fat. It works by burning calories from your body and making a caloric deficit.

6. What Does Caloric Deficit Mean?

Now the next question is, what does caloric deficit mean. It is simply defined as the condition when your body is calorie burning in excess than it is consuming.

For example, you are a healthy adult, and you need 2200 calories per day. You are consuming 2000 calories and making a deficit of 200 calories.

Your body will take this gap or lack of 200 calories, and it will be utilized from the fat in your body.

This gap can be created either by workout or diet or by a combination of both. It is important for everyone to calculate their caloric needs and incorporate a diet and exercise schedule accordingly.

Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

1) Anaerobic Workout

Anaerobic workout means the workout which demands more oxygen to produce energy for the workout than is actually there in your body. To fulfill this requirement, your body goes into its energy reserves and uses glucose from your body.

An anaerobic workout is a great workout to lose overall fat in the long run and one of the best workouts to lose belly fat.

2) High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training or more commonly known as HIIT workout is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat.

HIIT, as the name suggests, is an intense exercise involving exercising with high intensity with short intervals in between

The high intensity takes the heartbeat of the person up and brings it down. This makes the person use their glucose reserves and hence burn calories.

HIIT workout is usually performed with an interval of 10- 20 seconds between a particular set of exercises. For example, you perform jumping jacks for 50 seconds and take a rest for 10 seconds in between to let your heart beat down. Then again, perform the same in sets.

HIIT is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat, entire body fat, and heart disease as it keeps the blood pumping continuously. It is great to increase your endurance and stamina.

All you need is a mat, a pair of shoes, and a water bottle, and you are good to go. Dont forget to make a great playlist for your workout.

2.1) 6 Best Exercises to Include in Your HIIT Exercise Routine

2.1.1) Jumping Jacks and How to Do Them!

YouTube video


How to perform

Jumping jacks are super easy to perform and are a great way to do some cardio exercise, entire body, and do some fat burning and one of the best workouts to lose belly fat.


  1. Stand straight. Keep your feet together and hands by your waist.
  2. Try to jump, and as you jump, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and your hand over your head.
  3. Now land in your original position and repeat.
  4. Note: Try to progress with your jumping jacks with time. Start by doing 20 jumping jacks and then continue to 40, 60, and so on. Do not be harsh on yourself.
2.1.2) Crunches and How to Do Them!

YouTube video

Crunches are one of the best workouts to lose belly fat and strengthen core muscles in your body. They strengthen them to maintain the overall posture.

The abdominal muscles maintain your abdominal area which in fact maintains your overall posture of the body.

Abdominal muscles or Abs won’t be obtained by crunches or planks alone; you need to eat a healthy diet and maintain a low body fat percentage to obtain that, then only can you take advantage of the best workouts to lose belly fat.

How to do crunches: They are super easy to perform and do not require any equipment per se.


  1. Lie down on a flat surface. Keep your knees bent.
  2. Now put your palms behind your head. Try to raise your head up as if touching the knees with your chin, or try to lean backward and forward.
  3. Perform the exercise without stressing your neck and repeat.
2.1.3) Russian Twists and How to Do Them!

YouTube video

Russian Twists is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles and core.

How to do it: This exercise might be moderate in difficulty if you are a beginner, but you will get used to it.


  1. Sit on the ground with your feet lifted parallel to the ground.
  2. Keep your arms tucked to your waist or hold them together near your chest.
  3. Twist the upper body from one side to another.
  4. As you turn your sides, exhale and inhale when you are in the original position.
2.1.4) Burpees and How To Do Them!

Burpees are amazing for your core muscles and overall support of your body. It uses your body weight as resistance and consequently is one of the best workouts to lose belly fat.

Here is a video for you to perform Burpees in the correct form.

YouTube video

2.1.5) Mountain Climbers and How To Do Them!

Mountain climbing is another exercise for your abs and makes it on the list of best workouts to lose belly fat.

  1. All you need to do is, get into a plank position and support your upper body with your palms on the floor.
  2. Now bring your knees close to your belly alternatively as if you are climbing. Perform it for 40 seconds with 20 seconds of rest. Complete the exercise by doing 3 sets of these.
    YouTube video
2.1.6) Planks and How To Do Them!

Planks are definitely one of the best workouts to lose belly fat and improve stability in the core and abdominal muscles.

  1. Get on yourself on a mat. Lay flat on the mat with your face facing the floor. Now lift your body with the help of your arms.
  2. Your forearm has to be parallel to the floor. Now you should engage your core muscles and keep your spine in a neutral position without dipping your hips inwards.
  3. Stay in this position for 20 seconds and take a break. Repeat those exercises 3 times for building strength over time.
    YouTube video

3) Strength Training

Strength or weight training is the use of weights either free weights or using body weight to perform the exercise. Lifting weights helps the body build and retain the muscle mass of the body and increases its metabolism of the body.

Increased metabolism helps the body burn calories even at rest, thereby making it a more efficient form of workout for fat burning.

It helps decrease the stress hormone and release happy hormones and the best part is that it will be one of the best workouts to lose belly fat that can be considered in the long run.

These workouts will focus on the overall body and not just the best workouts to lose belly fat, so you will get long-term benefits from them in reducing your belly fat.

3.1) Simple Upper Body Workout

3.1.1) Bicep Curls

Bicep curls target your bicep muscle group in your upper arms. It is an isolation exercise and you perform it simply by using a pair of dumbles.

YouTube video

How to Perform Bicep Curls?


  1. Stand straight with your arms in a relaxed position to the sides of your body.
  2. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows tucked close to your waist. Now lift the weights and bring them closer to your shoulder but do not lift your elbows.
  3. Bring the weights back down. Repeat this 10-12 times. Do not rush while lifting. Maintain the tempo of the exercise.
3.1.2) Bench Press

Bench Press targets your chest muscle group. It is a compound exercise and works on your chest, shoulder, and traps.

YouTube video

How to Perform Bench Press:

  1. Lay down on a bench and place your feet firmly on the floor.
  2. place a barbell in your hand above your chest. Now lift the barbell upward and now slowly bring the barbell or the dumbells (if you’re using them) down back to your chest.
  3. Make sure you control the weights the whole time and not the other way round.
  4. Perform 7-8 repetitions of the exercise in 3 sets.
3.1.3) Push-Ups

Pushups are a great form of body weight exercise for your upper body. As a beginner, you might not be able to perform them properly. Therefore you need a lot of practice and patience to do the same.

YouTube video

How to Perform Pushups:

  1. Get into a plank position and support your body with your arms.
  2. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart and in a straight position.
  3. Keep your spine in a neutral position. Remember not to bend it inwards.
  4. Now slowly push yourself down towards the floor with your elbows bent and then push yourself up while engaging your chest.

3.2) How to Choose the Right Weights?

Weights can be intimidating for people who just started working out. Also, no! Weights will not make you look bulky.

Choosing the right weights for yourself is important so that the form of the exercise is not compromised.

The form of the exercise means the correct technique by which the exercise is performed. You can correct your technique by working with a personal trainer.

3.2.1) Choosing the Right Weights for Beginners

When you are a beginner, you might start with lighter weights. Pair of dumbles weighing 2.5 kgs each can be a good start for you.

Beginners should try to perfect their form with lighter weight and then eventually build on strength.

As a beginner, do not try to lift heavy weights without proper training and guidance as you might hurt yourself.

3.2.2) Choosing the Right Weights When You Are an Intermediate

When you are considerably comfortable with weights and have confidence with the form you can try progression with weights.

Still one needs to be careful with the weights as it can cause injury. Progression with the weights on a continuous basis is the key to building muscle.

3.3) Simple Lower Body Workout

3.3.1) Squats

Squats are an amazing compound movement that targets your quadriceps, glutes, and overall lower body.

YouTube video

How to do squats:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your toes pointed in a V direction.
  2. Now bend your knees, pushing your glutes out. Imagine if you are sitting on a chair.
  3. You should make a 90-degree with your knees and the floor.
  4. Get into a squat position and now get up and repeat the exercise.
  5. Keep your back straight all the time.

4) Aerobic Exercises

4.1) Walking

Fotorech/pixabay. Copyright 2018

Yes, as simple as it may sound, walking can help you burn calories and can be one of the best workouts to lose belly fat, though a form of light cardio.  Walking is the lightest form of cardio and is not hard on your joints.

Try to walk after eating food and between certain tasks of the day. The aim is to be active throughout the day to burn more calories along with your best workouts to lose belly fat.

Try to hit a step goal every day. Keep a goal of walking 10k steps every day. If you do not walk at all, then start by walking 5k steps a day and increase the step count.

5) Other Ways to Lose Belly Fat

5.1) Is Doing the Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat Enough?

One might ask, will they get a flat stomach instantly after doing the best workouts to lose belly fat? It has already been proved that you would not get a flat stomach even if you perform 1000 crunches daily.

It is important that you pair your workout with a proper diet. So, these are some bonus tips on improving your diet to shed that fat on your belly.

5.2) Foods That Increase Belly Fat

  1. We all know that fats are not advised to people who pursue losing belly fat. So avoid fatty foods and include healthy fats in your diet such as almonds, fatty fish, olive oil, etc.
  2. Junk Food or processed food is made with bad oil and contains a large amount of sugar that spikes insulin in your body, making it hard to lose fat. Processed food is high in calories and does not satiates one’s hunger. It does not have good nutrition content.
  3. Though carbohydrates are important for your body to provide energy, food high in carbohydrates and low in protein will not keep you full for a longer time, making you crave more calories.

5.3) Bonus Tips: Foods That Decrease Belly Fat

At times, some foods can help reduce belly fat quite drastically.

  1. High Protein food: High protein food helps build muscle and is great for fat loss. Sources of protein are egg, chicken, turkey, paneer, soya, spinach, tofu, beans, etc.
  2. High Fibre food: High-fiber food is essential when losing weight. Fibre keeps the gut healthy and promotes healthy bowel movements. Sources of high fiber foods are beans, oats, black chana, nuts, and raw vegetables.

The Takeaway!

Your body is a machine that needs proper maintenance to work for a longer time. You should take care of your body to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Getting a flatter belly or losing fat is easier said than done. It takes hard work to achieve a good physique. It cannot be done by doing the best workouts to lose belly fat only!

One can achieve this by eating a healthy diet and performing these best workouts to lose belly fat. But one should not be under a misconception that a workout alone can transform their body.

It is proven that workouts and diet work in a ratio of 20:80 while transforming healthier bodies.

The aim should be to keep the body active by performing any workout be it cardio exercise or strength training. Each exercise has its own benefit.

So don’t just read this article but also put it into use too. Grab your yoga mat, wear your sports shoes, and move those bodies!

Happy working out!

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