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5 Category of Friends One Must Have

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I’m sure every human being is blessed many friends, to support him, stay by his side, guide him, motivate him, care for him and bring a smile on his face everyday. If not, then also, there is at least one friend to be by your side always, after all, at the end it is the quality that matters much more than quantity. There are many different categories of friends. The following are five categories of friends every human must have:

  • Honest- An honest person is hard to find in today’s era. Sadly, people are too prone to telling lies every single second. But if you ever discover that your friend is honest, never let him or her go. Most of the people find such people a bit irritating because they always suggest you to follow the path of truth, even when you know that under certain circumstances, one is always compelled to lie. Those friends who fall under this category will always be honest and straightforward. They won’t back bitch about you or act like two-faced cats.
  • Interactive and extrovert- If your friends fall under this category, then you will never feel lonely or isolated. Such people have a really wicked sense of humour, and they love to interact with people of any personality. They easily mix up with people. Company of such friends are always pleasant and appealing. They encourage you to interact with people.
  • Health and beauty are conscious- There are certain people who are always conscious about their health, fitness and beauty. They will take proper care of their diet, meals, physical fitness, outer appearance, figure and personality. They will always drag you to a gym or yoga centre and will never let you eat junk food or fast food that might cause health problems to you later or increase your body weight.

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  • Adventurous- People who love the thrill, fantasy and adventure, are never bored of their lives. They will find merriment even in the minutest matter or petty issue. If your friends are extremely adventurous, they will never let you get bored either. They will drag you to explore things that will create thrill in your life.

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