6 Things You Would Relate to If You Are Friends with the Gossip Girl.

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Every school, college or any random gathering of youngsters will have among them the infamous ‘gossip girl’ – that one person who knows everything there is to know about everyone, and makes no bones about sharing her knowledge with all those in the vicinity. Here are a few snippets you’d relate to if you are friends with the gossip girl of your social circle.

  1. You always know the latest scoop on everyone around.

Whether you want to know it or not, your friend will tell you all about the latest scandal that’s been taking place next door! So what the hell, you figure, you might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts!

  1. People ask you for details on random rumours they’ve heard.

Everybody knows that you’re friends with the one person who knows every rumour floating around off by heart, and has probably investigated each one of them. So they automatically assume you’d know all about it too. Most of the time, they aren’t wrong.

  1. You hear so many rumours, you often get the details mixed up.

Did A hook up with B or did C dump D to elope with B? You know something along those lines happened at some point of time, but unlike your gossip-girl friend, you don’t have that good a memory for the details of spicy incidents in the neighbourhood. As a result, you usually only remember the salacious stories your friend tells you in vague outlines, to her eternal frustration.

  1. Thanks to the vast storehouse of gossip you’ve built up, you find it easy to entertain a crowd.

Thanks to your friend always filling you in on the latest stories and incidents (complete with all the interesting details) you are never short of material for small-talk at social gatherings, where you can entertain the gathered party-goers with hilarious anecdotes and slightly modified tales (with names and dates cancelled out, of course) of love and romance, all heard second-hand from your own personal gossip-girl!

  1. If you should ever need it, you know you’ll always have adequate blackmail material on everyone you know.

Need to finish your homework over the weekend, but have a party you really wanna go to?! Well, surely your gossip-girl friend has some spicy titbit on the local nerd, that you can use to get your work done without lifting a finger! *evil smirk*

  1. You’re never short of gossip on your jerkass ex or his new girlfriend.

While you may or may not be interested in knowing the darkest secrets of everybody around you, one person whose dark secrets you can’t possibly resist being interested in is your ex – who he is currently dating, his test scores, whether or not he appears depressed after the breakup, how hot (or not) his current gf is! One of the many benefits of being besties with the gossip girl is that you can know all this, and more, with no more than a phone call!

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