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Children Pool up Savings to Feed Stray Animals in Dehradun

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Children Pool up Savings to Feed Stray Animals in Dehradun 1The COVID-19 lockdown affected not only the humans but also the street animals. They are left hungry, and many pets are even abandoned. For such left out animals, few unsung heroes are donating for street animals and feeding them.

The children of Dehradun join together collecting money from their piggy bank to feed the stray animals, including street dogs and cattle during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

Together these children collected money from breaking their piggy banks to gather milk, biscuits, and fodder to feed the animals.

The children couldn’t bear the animals being left and suffering. So they all came forward to help them.

A class 10 student, Ravi Kumar from Dehradun’s Krishanpur area involved in this cause expressed how they all decided to come together and gather money from their smallest savings. As animals are also part of a living society, and they cannot just abandon them.

Many of the children do not come from a good financial background. Ravi Kumar’s father works as a cook in a high standard home colony earning Rs 6000 per month.

Another student Nisha Thapa studying in class 9, daughter of a plumber, donates Rs 1000 every month for feeding the cattle, street dogs, and other animals such as cats and birds.

Nisha said that she saw a dog and a cow in bad condition suffering out of hunger and provided them with water and food. Since then, she made them her friends. One should always take care of the beings who cannot speak for themselves.

The stray animals, especially in the urban areas, are going to face the worst during the fourth phase of lockdown. Due to restaurants and other eatery outlets closing up, stray animals are left with nothing to eat.

Due to such a crisis, people have come forward to feed the hungry strays. Many drive along the roads to check on these animals and feed them.

The state department forest’s rescue team has decided to support these children and is donating Rs 1000 monthly, transport cost inclusion if in case any animal requires any medical help.

Rescue team leader, Ravi Joshi expressed his gratitude towards the children who all performed such a noble act and wished all grown-ups to have an empathy filled pure heart like them.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many animals to die of hunger. Many animal owners abandoned their pets away in the streets or to the animal rescuers.

Just as hunger and poverty rose among people, the same happened with animals. The street animals used to feed on the left-overs from restaurants. But due to the lockdown period, the restaurants and other street food outlets are closed, thus shutting down their source of food.

We should learn from the children despite being from the ‘not so well to do’ families; they came forward to help out these suffering animals. It shows how they are innocent and pure in heart. The elders should learn from them and also reach out to help such stray animals.

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