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The Relics of Temptation

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Because it is the ultimate way to diminish everyone’s sorrow and is a definite trigger of happiness that is not bound to time.

Here are some facts about your elixir to the bounty of life.

Chocolates make you happy. Why? It affects your brain by releasing the “happiness neurotransmitters” serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. It is also a potent source of polyphenol antioxidants.

According to a study based in England, chocolates keep your heart healthy. Well, I guess we knew that. Dark chocolates are a way to keep your heart broody, and they also help lower the risk of heart diseases. In addition, flavonoids in cocoa help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and prevent blood cut clotting. So it’s time they may well be prescribed.

A barrage of reports hailing from USA, England and Japan declare chocolates to be a better way to fight decay than the acclaimed fluorides in toothpaste. There is recent news regarding introducing chocolate-based toothpaste and other oral remedies infused with the compound CBH found in chocolates. The compound found in cocoa beans has an anti-bacterial agent that excels in fighting plague. Here is the snapping at all the stereotypes that accused chocolates of tooth decay.

Chocolate desert
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The two world wars sum up to be the deadliest massacres the world has been subjected to, and there is no amount of amendment that can be done to recuperate from the ill effects. However, the only good thing that may have come out of the war is NUTELLA where chocolate was whipped with nuts to sublimate the demand for chocolate.

The popularity of chocolates reached such heights that a gang of Nazi supporters planned on assassinating Winston Churchill by exploding a chocolate.

Chocolates help you alleviate anxiety as their smell triggers the theta brain waves.

[To delight your gluttonous desires, the world’s largest chocolate bar weighs 5792 KG].

Lays, the giant multinational company, has a limited edition salted potato chip goodie that is completely drenched in milk chocolate so as to cumber your confusion while choosing salty or sweet variants for snacking—multinationals multi-tasking at its best.

Melted chocolate
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Chocolates however are proven to be unhealthy for canines. Unlike humans, dogs cannot metabolize theobromine, a compound found in chocolate that is hazardous to your pet’s life.

Belgium loves its chocolates and announced its love for chocolates to the world; in 2013, Belgium introduced a collection of stamps flavored with chocolates. Undoubtedly, Belgium is the place to be.

“To die of happiness” comes true in the form of 40 bars of Hershey chocolates. To consume 22lbs or more than 9KG of chocolate is lethal for humans.

Different flavours of Hershey's chocolate
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Chocolate is warmer than cordial human affection since it melts at around 93 degrees Fahrenheit, lower than the human body temperature, resulting in its melting in your mouth.

Chocolate is probably older than your lineage. During the Mayan civilization 1200-1000 BC, chocolates were used as currency.

The discovery of chocolates led to many other evolution, one for the like is microwave to experiment with chocolates in the beginning. A single chocolate chip provides you the energy to travel 150 Feet of distance.

Chocolate in Aztec is called xocalati which is translated as ‘bitter water.’

There you go, some interesting and weird facts about our favorite delicacy, chocolate. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as you enjoy your jar of Nutella!

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