Building An Entrepreneurial Society Based On Equal Opportunity 

Building An Entrepreneurial Society Based On Equal Opportunity  1

“Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.”
                                                                – Oprah Winfrey

Who says they are conservative? It is a risky path, uncertainty to achieve, but a way to dreams and the ladies are on it. Women have come out of the era with job options of teacher and doctors; considered apt for them. Today they believe in being leaders, they are not only the creators but also executors. We have Indira Nooyi, Chandra Kochhar, Ekta Kapoor, Shehnaz Husain, who have inspired the generation, but today we will take a voyage to the young ladies who have created the mark, building the organizations, suggesting the solutions and are widening, strengthening and taking forward the sphere of female of entrepreneurs.


Anu Sridharan, CEO of Nextdrop says ‘ Water is our mission’.  Nextdrop works for the improvement of urban water distribution, providing reliable information through messaging. People can get a message an hour before the water arrives. It is currently working on four cities of India. Anu, formerly a Civil engineering student is passionate about improving the health of urban communities.


She wants to create a Grand Trunk Road of fashion digitally, CEO of Lime Road, Suchi Mukherjee. It has a unique concept of 100 percent user generated content which is created by its scrapbooking community and is exclusive to LimeRoad. The innovative scrapbook application allows people to select from a range of products, creates a unique look and share it with their friends. The company has grown 600 percent in last one year.


From working in IT sector to restaurateur, yes it is the story of Pallavi Gupta, CEO of Mast Kalandar.
Mast Kalandar is a North Indian quick service chain of restaurants. They serve Indian recipes with a new perspective, idea aptly fits in the Indian home meal replacement market. It has more than 40 branches working across India.



When we look for a home in India, we can get the listing, but no advice regarding construction quality and builder’s reliability, same problem Priya Maheshwari faced coming to India from the USA and started ProperJi. It provides buyers with an objective and independent property related advice so that they can make an informed decision before buying a property. Today Company has 5000 registered users.

Merely  22% of all female graduates go on to enter the workforce in India’, it may not strike you but struck Sairee. With an aim to empower the woman, Sairee Chahal founded. and Fleximoms., curates work from home jobs in India, building a community of working women, helping them find mentors and resources. The focus is on women who are seeking a career along with work-life balance. Fleximoms connects women and mothers looking to enter or re-enter the workplace with job opportunities, information and mentoring.

Do you get the idea of Home Salon. No? Let’s meet,  Rishika Chandan, CEO of The Home Salon. Rishika did not get that when we can have groceries, cabs, furniture at our doorstep then why not good professional and trained therapist to deliver beauty at home. She came with the idea of the home salon; the THS provides hassle-free treatment at the doorstep, currently works in Andheri East, Mumbai.

Sneha Raisoni-031111-MD-02

Profit from Passion and here she founded Tappu Ki Dukaan. Sneha Raisoni, a chartered accountant by profession, left the job at an investment bank to give expression to her creative side. Tappu ki Dukaan is the latest retail offering in products that can add zing to the dullest of your days. Products from her creativity include, ashtrays shaped like commodes, shot glasses in cutting chai stands, pop products, provocative and suggestive playing cards, photo frames, etc.

Do you know someone who started a business in High School, let me introduce CEO of JetSetGo. She is optimistic, hopeful, energetic, defeated cancer at 22 and want to be among 100 most influential women in the world, Kanika Tekriwal. JetSetGo is an interactive technology driven platform enabling users to search and charter aircraft and helicopters across India. At JetSetGo, they have got on board almost 80% of India’s private jet fleet.

Does this not amaze you? Have the entrepreneurial bug in you too? You can go to this page to know more. Quirky ideas, solutions to social problems, zest and spirit and a triggering spark!! Women are moving with high sense on this road; their potency will lead them to win this sphere.

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