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College Event: Garba at CEPT University

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I am studying structural engineering Design and i have been writing poetries since 2010. My area of interest in writing are social and economic issues.


  1. What is different at CEPT:

    Navratri at CEPT is totally different than any other Navratri. Nine days worship of Goddess Amba is what we call Navratri, in one line. The war between Goddess Amba and Mahisasur lasted upto nine days and then the demon was killed. What makes CEPT Navratri unique is its style and decoration. Decorated by the talented and selected students, it provides you with a glorified feeling as you enter the gates of CEPT.

2. Organization of navratri team:

There are 5 departments in CEPT:
1. Faculty of architecture
2. Faculty of planning
3. Faculty of Design
4. Faculty of Technology
5. Faculty of Management

An email is sent to all the students few weeks before starting Navratri and various meetings take place. There will be discussions on topics like Security, Lighting, Decoration, Food Stalls.

3. Schedule of the Garba:

During the nine days of the event, every department of the college has its own days where in the people belonging to that department can bring there family/friends to the CEPT Garba. The details are as follows:

Date                           Entry Open for

13 October 2015-         Students
14 October 2015-         Faculty of Technology (+2)
15 October 2015-         Faculty of Design/Faculty of Management (+2)
16 October 2015-         Faculty of Planning (+2)
17 October 2015-         Students +PhD(+2)
18 October 2015-         Alumni (+1)
19 October 2015-         Faculty of Architecture (+2)
20 October 2015-         NID/NIFT/IIM
21 October 2015-         Students
22 October 2015-         Students

4. Decoration:

In decoration, the huge rangoli is designed by the assigned students before-hand. Two days for each department are fixed and in this way every department takes up the responsibility of doing rangoli. Thus you will find new rangoli each day.

5. Personal Insight about CEPT garba:

The structure made up of bamboo and strings with blue lights turns everything white into sparkling white, and the remaining colours into black, as dark as night. The huge rangoli delights your soul. Then comes the main circle wherein at the center, a small idol of Goddess Amba is placed surrounded by lamps poured with ghee. The garba is played uniformly and in one style only. There is no other style which people follow. Neither do the steps of the garba change with the change in tune of music. The music is a traditional one with one ‘dholi’, a ‘shehnai’ and couple of singers. Only garba songs are sung and no bollywood songs are played. The entry is restricted to the students, alumini, faculties, teaching assistants and staff of the college. Yet it is known for its traditional values and culture. The view from the top when the music is on its peak is just fantabulous. Everyone under one arena everyone following the same step its like full youth moving forward in their life together hand in hand. There are no prices to be distributed There are no separate rings to discriminate boys and girls. Everyone is at one level. Thats what makes CEPT navratri a unique one.

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I am studying structural engineering Design and i have been writing poetries since 2010. My area of interest in writing are social and economic issues.

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