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Spain Under Siege Yet Again

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Terrorist attacks are getting more prevalent with each passing day, and the recent victim of these attacks is Spain. The 16th of August witnessed an explosion in Alcanar that destroyed a house. Many civilians were injured and 2 people are supposed to be dead. Another explosion happened at the same place during the excavation of the site.  On 17th August 2017, a white van was driven into a crowd of people at La Ramla in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring almost a 100 more.

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The driver, after orchestrating the attack, fled. Two other incidents took place within the same time frame. A civilian’s car was stolen and in the process was also stabbed to death. After about two hours another white van, rammed through a police barricade, which led to gun fire from the police as well as the assailants inside the van. The vehicle then fled to a nearby location where the driver fled, leaving behind his partner in crime at the back seat, where he bled to death. Although, there is no concrete proof, the police strongly feel that these three events were executed and coordinated by ISIS agents.  All of this happened on the 17th. The next day, the 18th of August, a car with five people inside, was rammed at the pedestrians in Cambrils. The attackers then got out of the vehicle and started stabbing innocent bystanders. The police responded quickly and shot down four of the assailants and the fifth one died later due to his grievous injuries. This incident claimed the life of one civilian and a few others were injured including a police officer. Spain’s Prime minister went on to call this act as‘jihadi terrorism’.

Spain Under Siege Yet Again 1The police are working on the theory that this attack was carried out by a terrorist cell of 12 members who were planning a large scale attack on Spain. According to the police, the house that blew up in Alcanar was stocked with gas cylinders (almost 100) and was being used by the terrorists as their hide out. Apparently something went horribly wrong that resulted in the explosion of the house. From the amount of explosives that was recovered from the site, the authorities claim that the terrorists were planning something big and huge. Out of the 12, five were shot dead by the police, four are in custody and one of them Younes Abouyaaqoub is still at large. The police are on a lookout for him, and are confident of finding him.

Spain has just had a bad streak of days. It witnessed the loss of innocent lives. The people of Spain stand united during this difficult ordeal. Every resource at their disposal is being used to find the escaped assailant. Hundreds of people gathered at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to pay their respects to the dead.  Many people lost their lives during this three day ordeal; one of them was a 7 year old Australian boy. His mom is in critical condition at the hospital. Many lost their lives and it is our duty to put an end to such incidents. Loss of innocent human lives is not something that can be taken lightly. We need to stand united and rid this world of terrorism.

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