Crazy About What to Wear to a Holi Party? Don These Looks!

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“What to Wear to a Holi Party?” When you hear this question, understand that it’s time for friends and family to enjoy the Indian festival, Holi!

Holi, the festival of colours, is what we are eagerly waiting for! The evident reason is, after Christmas and New year, Holi is almost the first festival coming with the season of bloom. Beginning with the start of Spring, Holi has also been regarded as the Festival of Spring.

As this season signifies the ending of winter and is the first festival of spring, people celebrate it nicely like a party. But, the stuff that canvasses our minds is ‘What to wear to a Holi Party?’

what to wear to a Holi party

Well, this question of what to wear to a Holi party is not going to haunt you anymore. Holi is a day of merrymaking, fun, and a festival of colors. Why spoil all that mood in the mere thought of what to wear to a Holi party when you can easily get your answers? A Holi fashion of wearing white clothes on the Rang Barse day has popped up from the movies and Indian T.V. serials.

But, why to go with the typical and basic stereotypes? Your wardrobe is full. Thus, you can experiment with something new, right?

To get to the first phase of your answer to What to wear to a Holi party, you need to have knowledge about the theme and happenings of the party that you are going to attend. Knowing this is very important as you will have to style yourself accordingly. It can either be,

  • A Party with Colors and Water
  • A Dry Party using just Colors
  • A Meet and Greet kind of Party without Colors or Water
  • A DJ and Dance party
  • A Party having Games and Competitions

Now, these are a few happenings that are possible for a Holi Party. What to wear to a Holi Party, strongly depends on the activities that are going to take place over there.

A Colorful and Waterful Party

If your party is going to go wild with colors and splashing water, do not go for whites as it would be too typical. Do not wear a thick material like velvet or brocade. Such materials become heavy once wet and stick to the body as they do not dry quickly. Even washing them and removing color stains out of them can be difficult.

Instead, go for such materials that dry quickly. You can opt for georgette, polyester, nylon, or silk. They would not stick to your body.

what to wear to a Holi party


For Girls

Wearing clothes of full length would be preferable so that your skin is not in direct contact with colors, which might be harmful. Steer clear of something flowy like skirts or flounce sleeves, bell sleeves. The reason for this is that the color might go inside your clothes if they are baggy or flouncy.

If you think of bright colors while thinking about what to wear to a Holi party, see that the clothes you choose do not become see-through when coming in contact with water. Check this thing first and decide if it would be okay or not. Do not choose jeans as an option. You would not be happy with the rashes that the wet jeans might create.

For Guys

No wearing of baggy clothes, but, wearing full-length clothes apply to you guys as well. If you are going for a shirt, do not keep the top buttons open and style it as it can harm your skin. Instead of keeping the buttons open, wear it over a plain t-shirt. A cool look would add more colors to the festival of colors and be safe for your skin!

There is a chance that your clothes will be spoiled, then why not go for new and cheap styles?

Click to know more about the new yet cheap styles!

Footwear and Accessories

When you are going to play with water, do not even think of wearing any fancy footwear like heels and sports shoes. Wear regular flip flops or sandals, which are not too heavy. Crocs would be a good option. Do not accessorize much.

To look different, both guys and girls have the choice to style and wear a stole in different ways. If possible, try to design it in a way that covers your hair a little.

Dry Holi Party

Well, this situation would not be much different than the previous one. But, here’s an added advantage of the choice of material.

Girls can go for a Chikan kurta and salwar and style it with a colorful dupatta. The girls could go for short kurta which is plain and a flowery-print dupatta. Both guys and girls can style a look with jeans. And a pair of jeans is the perfect solution to lessen the confusion of what to wear to a Holi Party.

Wearing bright colors is highly recommended. Bright colors will contrast the light spring mood and the aura of new beginnings. A combination of bright and solid will go a long way.

what to wear to a Holi party

Footwear and Accessories

There would be no harm in wearing shoes or heels. But wearing something that will be comfortable for the entire day and not be clogged with colors in a short time is advisable. Girls can go for little earrings to glam up a bit. If you are going for a traditional look, a few colorful bangles will add to your attractive solution of what to wear to a Holi party.

Meet and Greet Party

Meet and greet will be a big freehand for your answer to what to wear to a Holi party. You can totally come out of restrictions and style yourself.

what to wear to a Holi party

For Girls

First thing, do not use the free hand to stuff up your styling. Be subtle as per the occasion. You can style a saree over a pair of jeans and crop top with heavy earrings and a belt across the waist. It will look fun, classy, and also glamorous.

You can also work wonders with a skirt or a long patterned shrug. As it is a meet and greet, do not just go wearing jeans and a white top or a white kurta with a pair of leggings or salwar.

Those looks are suitable only if Holi is going to be played with colors. For meet and greet, the issue of what to wear to a Holi Party is solved by just one thing. Be basic and minimalistic, but add some funk or glam to it. It can also be done with the help of accessories.

Do check this video out for seeing some fantastic ways to style a stole to glam up your look:

For Guys

Hey guys, it is the best time to take out that pair of kurta or shirt, which is too light for occasions like Diwali and too heavy for wearing it to work or college. Do not go too casual. You can style a basic shirt with a patterned coat or jacket. Wearing a t-shirt having a collar with some ripped jeans is going to make you look dashing.

You can always work your charisma with a black outfit. Wearing a long coat will surely make you stand out. To try some mismatch look, wear a kurta with a contrasting tie and jeans. Believe me, it looks incredible.

And if you are really in search of an out of the box answer of what to wear to a Holi party, try wearing a shirt over a lungi. It is going to be fantastic.

Footwear and Accessories

Girls do accessorize themselves if the occasion calls for basic-colored looks. Even a bindi is never out of fashion. A simple round bindi or even of a different shape is going to enhance your look. And put on those pretty high heels as you are just going to meet and greet people and munch on some snacks!

Guys can pretty much go for casual shoes or sandals as per the outfit and wear a cool wristwatch. You can even style yourself with glasses and goggles. Also, a light neck chain would add to the look.

A Dancing Party

When it’s time to dance and groove to the beats of loud music, you can never afford to be uncomfortable with your Holi outfit. So, think wisely while deciding what to wear to a Holi Party.

For the dancing party, I would suggest you that dress in funky colors. Neon colors would really add to the party mode. You could even try something which is not that regular and have fun.

what to wear to a Holi party

For Girls

Get out your flowy dresses and flounce up your look to let the outfit sway as you slay your moves. You would look great while dancing with your high lows, bell sleeves, umbrella, or puffy sleeves. You can style them with shorts or jeans and look great.

If you want to go out, clothe yourself in a sequin top or dress. If possible, do not stick that bodycon dress to your body as it might make you uncomfortable while dancing, and you surely do not want that. If you wish to keep the Holi outfit a bit traditional, you can don a flared skirt and shirt or wear an Anarkali kurta with a slit on one side. It will look traditional yet sexy.

Do not weigh yourself more with too many accessories. Wear footwear which you think might help you feel comfortable while dancing. And then dance, as Deepika Padukone did, in the song ‘Balam Pichkari’.

For Guys

For dancing your heart out, wearing a shirt with opened buttons from the top will look exceptionally well. Just style it with a pair of jeans, and you’re done. A look with shorts and a loose shirt tucked from one side will also make you look calm and ready to show your moves. To be comfortable, you can also style a look with chinos or sweats.

A pair of goggles or a hat can be your accessories. The charm of casual footwear is something that could suit your Holi outfit!

Here’s a video to help you look different and design your outfit-

Do not forget that it is a Holi Party. Don’t go completely with a rock and pop look on the thought of D.J. Select your colors wisely, so that, it even contrasts the celebration of the festival of colors.

Games and Competition

This one is ought to be the most fun party. And it will be more fun when the games and competitions expected to spice up the fun, are unknown to you. If you know about them, it would be easy for you to guess, what to wear to a Holi party.

But, if you are completely clueless about them, just style your most comfortable and sporty look. Do not wear such a Holi outfit, which will obstruct you from running and stretching and having fun.

Girls and guys, just pull out the fancy yoga pants that you had bought, thinking you will wear it regularly while going to the gym. You can style these Yoga Pants or any other stretchy bottoms with a fancy top or shirt. As you are going to a festival celebration, you cannot go looking like a complete athlete.

There might be a chance that all the games are sitting ones, and then you will come out as a complete idiot looking like some sportsperson. So even in your snug Holi outfit, do not forget to add a festive spark.

Do have a look at these party games to get an idea regarding what kind of games can be there at your Holi party-

These are just a few ideas and solutions to your worry about what to wear to a Holi Party. A significant suggestion for both guys and girls is not to clothe yourself in a complete solid-colored look or an entirely white Holi outfit. It will just make the festive mood look very bland on you. Have some colors, florals, patterns in your outfit to look bright and in step with the occasion.

holi celebration

The last tip is, do not try any Holi outfit in which you doubt to be uncomfortable. It is just going to kill your jolly mood and make you conscious of yourself. If you genuinely wish to try something new, do not experiment with your entire look.

To crack the question of what to wear to a Holi party, try to add a punch to something you are comfortable in! This will provide you both experimentation and comfort. Just Be YOU and Slay the DAY!

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