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Curly Hair Routine: Things a Curly-Haired Girl Must Know

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There have been funny tales about things got disappeared for being kept in your magical curls, there have been Chinese cuisine like Noodles turned out to be nicknames for your curly hair, hair ties snapped, hair clips cracked, times you were done with your frizz but you love your curls. Can we just agree on that? Yes, we do love the way it makes us look naturally beautiful and unique.

If you take good care of your hair and maintain a good curly hair routine, it would surprisingly be in your control and look super fine. Do you want to get rid of the struggles of every curly-haired girl ever? Do you want those defined curls with the least frizz possible? You need a good curly hair routine to follow then.

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and make it your curly hair routine to see those jaw-dropping results right from the day you start practicing it.

The Curly Hair Routine You Need to Follow

Curly Hair Routine: Things a Curly-Haired Girl Must Know 1

It all starts in the shower but never forget to oil your ringlets before the shower. It’s always important to oil your hair the before night or an hour before you wash it. What do the curls need the most? It’s moisture. It’s moisture that locks up all the curls in a defined shape.


Let your hair get entirely soaked in lukewarm water from root to tip. A curly-haired girl must always use a shampoo that is sulfate-free. You should never use so much shampoo that it takes out all the moisture and gets squeaky clean but dry. Always comb your hair before washing and shampoo you hair upside down for extra volume and frizz-free hair.

curly hair routine

Tip 1: use neither cool water as it gives you extra frizz nor hot water as it dries the moisture up.


Take one and a half teaspoon of conditioner if you’ve bra strap length of hair, rub it in your palms, apply on your mid-lengths and tips, and run your hands through your hair. With the conditioner left on your hands, just smoothen the top of your hair. You can also add one or two pumps of leave-in conditioner if you’re gonna have a long day. Do not apply to the roots as it’d end up looking greasy.

Tip 2: better not to use the leave-in conditioner more than twice a month.

Apply Curl Cream

Now take a curl cream, get it into your hands and rub it using your palms as you’ve to get a nice even coverage. Then, start working it through the middle of your hair to the tips and work it back to the roots.

Keep scrunching into the ends of your hair while applying the products that it takes the shape of perfectly defined curls. This technique helps your hair hold the moisture and sets your curls up.

Now, this is the stage where you can actually manipulate the curls and add in more curls in that curly hair routine. On the side, where you usually find uneven curls, twist them and scrunch them up. Take a t-shirt and give it a little bit of scrunch up to take out all that extra water and it curls your hair a bit more too.

Tip 3: To get that root lift in the upper part of your hair without any products, just clip the roots of your hair using flat clips so that they won’t leave any mark as they dry and hold really well too. This will make your hair look bouncier with extra volume at the top.

After you take out the clips if you find they really didn’t work well, it means you haven’t put them in the right places. So, just keep experimenting with the places you place them and you’ll get it right.

Put in the Curly Hair Gel

Take curl gel into your hands, work into your hands and repeat the same way with praying hands, like sandwich your hair with your hands and just smooth it down. You don’t want to break up many curls but just lock the shape in.

When you usually diffuse your hair, it dries up along the ends, pretty normal. So, use the leftover gel on your hands to scrunch the ends up a bit so that they get enough protection. Take that t-shirt again and this time, try to squeeze out a little bit more water. You will love the curly hair routine now.

Curly Hair Routine: Things a Curly-Haired Girl Must Know 2

Tip 4:  Avoid using bare hands to scrunch as they might be a little dirty and transfer the oil a lot more easily. A tee or a towel is a cleaner way for scrunching and can let you cover larger areas more evenly.

Once you get used to clipping, you’ll know where to clip exactly but it’s kind of finicky and takes some time in the first trial. Results are good though. So, it’s worth it if you want that extra volume on your bid days or you can just keep flipping your hair parts left and right as it dries up to get extra volume.

Diffuse and Air-dry

Now that it’s time to diffuse your curls. I know curly haired people are not supposed to use so much heat as it dries up all the moisture in the curls. I used to let my curls air dry for some time and then diffuse but I figured it out that reversing this process works even better lately. You will love this curly hair routine.

Curly Hair Routine: Things a Curly-Haired Girl Must Know 3

By drying the hair first with a diffuser, it stops the curls from being heavy and dropping out so that you can actually get curls staying a little bit better and then let it dry for the air.

Try using an even diffuser where every section is completely even unlike some diffusers which have some extra air/heat giving hotspots. Now start diffusing from the tips to the roots with your hair upside down.

This will help you get a really good volume that your hair would make 90% of your selfie. It’s a good curly hair routine you can follow. In fact, not all the frizz is bad, there’s some good frizz being the reason behind the volume of curly hair and never let our hair fall show up.

Scrunch Out The Crunch

After the air-dry, you would find some part of your being little damp and crispy. That’s probably where the curling gel is putting in some extra efforts to control that frizz. Just scrunch those parts out with a t-shirt or dryer and you’ll get kind of semi-frizzy curls.

If you’d like to use a tee, scrunch by rolling the curls through your hands really gently with the tee because you do not want to break any curl that you nurtured quite well with all the products so far. It’s a great curly hair routine you will like.

If you want to go with the hairdryer then use low heat to soften the gel that’s left on your hair by shaking your hair and crunch any crispy ends with the help of your hands. If you still find any crunch left then just scrunch with your t-shirt once.

Tip 5: If you’ve done any heat styling or chemical styling then this technique really helps to repair your bonds. This deep conditioning treatment helps your hair to restore its moisture and also provides soft and defined curls. You will need to take care of this for your curly hair routine. 

How to Straighten Your Curly Hair

Curly Hair Routine: Things a Curly-Haired Girl Must Know 4

Never straighten your curly hair more than twice or thrice a month. Try to keep the number of times you straighten your hair as less as possible. Curly hair gets dried up very easily just like how a butter cube would melt in a frying pan.

Curly hair loses moisture just like that compared to any other kind of hair. All it needs is the moisture to hold the curls whereas heat styling takes it all out. This would result in dry and frizzy hair that’s unable to lock up the curls.

Always straighten your curly hair after shampooing, conditioning, and applying a serum. If at all you get to go somewhere real fast and think of straightening your unwashed curly hair, please don’t do that. In that case, the heat you apply would only end up cooking the dirt and oil in your hair by causing more damage.

Every curly-haired girl will have different methods to deal with their girls for sure which sometimes might lead to disappointment. (You never know what the curls are up to) some people usually wash their hair the day before the special day, some do two days before the day they need to go out on, and some on the same day’s morning. Take this curly hair routine and use it!

I usually wash my hair the night before that I can do my routine with no rush and I find them to be perfect if washed then too. If your curls agree with this pattern too then it is important to look after how you sleep in the night.

You should gently make your hair up into a bun on the mid-scalp region and use a large hair clutch with a flat base to hold it properly so that you won’t feel any hair strands being pulled. This will secure your curls and let them be defined while you’re sleeping. It’s a great curly hair routine to follow.

Do you love your curls?

If you really do, please let us know if you follow any weird techniques to control the frizz, what is your curly hair routine, and how you take care of your curls to nourish them in the comments below.

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