A Day Without Technology

A Day Without Technology 1

One day, I woke up to find that my world has changed. The modern synthetic and polyester clothes are replaced by the leaves. Jackal’s skin was my bed. I woke up to the sun’s rays falling in my eyes. My house was a cave. I was a modern tech generation person living in the early human ages. I was surprised and astonished to see how the world looked without technology.A Day Without Technology

As soon as I got up, my mother did some actions to communicate something. I asked “what happened, mom? Where are we?” She did not understand a word and spoke something in gibberish. I still did not understand anything. Hence, she did some more actions. Her actions seemed to say, “What are saying? Don’t you want to go and clean yourself in the river?” I nodded my head and tried to ask where the river through my actions is. Fortunately, she understood and showed me the direction with a rather perplexed face.

I went there and did my morning chores in the traditional way. The river was super clean and free of pollution. I was rather mesmerized by the beauty of nature in the world. I realized that the concrete jungle had eaten up the beauty and the grace of the Mother Nature in the modern world. I returned to my place after some time of pure awe. My brother was waiting. He had a spear with a stick in his hand and gave me a small knife-like a weapon. He acted that we needed to hunt the animals for food. An earthquake of fear made my body shiver and my heart race as if it would break the ribbon of ribs and complete the race. I nodded hesitantly. We went ahead and entered the territory of animals. The first animal, which we saw, was a huge fox. It was quite far, though. Before I could even realize, my brother threw the spear, and it was across the fox’s body. Small animals like rabbits and pigs ran away, and the territory was positive. He went to the Fox and called me to help him drag the beast to our cave.cavemenoutcave

I went to him and thought, “How would I be able to drag that Fox when I could barely pull my travel bag a week before while going to Paris?” He called me again and then I held one of its legs. I applied some force, and the light of realization struck me that I was stronger than I thought. Maybe, the childhood training of carrying heavy school bags had resulted in this power. Soon, we were in the cave, and it was almost the time for lunch. After an hour or two according to my estimate, we were presented with a rather beautiful and colorful looking meal. I asked what it was. They told me that it was the giant tiger, which our uncle had caught few days back. I could not digest the fact, forget to digest the food. However, the stomach of mine was grumbling with hunger. I ate that with a little hesitance. The flesh reminded me of a pizza which I had in Belgium. It was tasty. I ate the whole thing just to be surprised as hell on my appetite.

We then went to collect berries and fruits in the jungle. This was rather a pleasant task. My brother climbed the trees and shook the branch whereas I had to catch all the falling fruits. This made me feel that I was a part of a video game. We collected about 50 to 60 fruits and sat a while for rest. We saw a lion chasing a deer far away. The deer was running on bridges of fallen trees. The lion was very fast, but the agile deer somehow was faster. This reminded me temple run and subway surfers. Innovation or deterioration?

Soon, we went home and gave the fruits to our mother. She served us, and we ate them merrily. Finally, the men of the house had returned. They had an enormous leopard with them. They came and rested for a while. We both also chose to sit and relax. I saw around and was soothed by the greenery and the chilling breeze, which embraced my senses. I did not realize that it was almost dawn now.download

People gathered around the cave. Soon, there was a campfire. The cave’s entrance was huge, and everyone was sitting at some distance from it. The fire warmed us as if Mother Nature had hugged us and we were in her protection. Suddenly, we heard voices coming. Before we could find out where it was coming from, a man appeared at the entrance and started acting out. Other people were dressed as animals. The light of realization slowly enlightened me. They were acting out how they caught the animals today. They had a story to tell. A thunderous round of applause followed the act. Soon, there were drum rolls, and everyone started dancing. I too was called upon, and we danced until our legs quit. We went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up, and I was stuck in the same tech world, which I never wanted to return. Here, campfires are Whatsapp groups, acts are movies, beauty is building, and the connection is technology. I felt like an orphan as there was no mother nature to take care of mine and hug me with its warm fire.

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