Top 10 Perks Of Being A Single Girl

Top 10 Perks Of Being A Single Girl 1

Top 10 Perks Of Being a Single Girl

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Romantic couples, stolen kisses, romantic movies, candle night dinner with your partner and what not, these things may upset you but in reality being single makes you independent. You can enjoy your life the way you want to and never have to ask for any decision from your partner. Being single is not by chance it is by choice.

Here are 10 benefits of being single.

1) You will have a great bunch of good friends.


Your friends are going to party, when they ask you to and without even thinking for a second you say yes because you don’t have to seek permission from your partner for night-out. It is scientifically proven that single are more dedicated to their friends as compared to the committed people.

2) You will concentrate more on your work.


Your single status helps you to achieve heights in your job. You will take your job more seriously and your passion with help to grow you and your company.

3) Freedom to Flirt.


You can flirt with any random hot guy in the club or parties and you don’t have to feel guilty ogling them. Being single gives you the freedom to flirt.

4) You will save more money.


All those dinner parties, anniversaries getaways are incomplete with flowers, chocolates and gifts and your whole pocket money easily drain out but if you are single you can save it to invest in tomorrow.

5) Less Stress


Posting photos over the social media sites can be turn out so depressing for couples but when you are single can post anything you like to.

6) You will save your time.


Talking over the phone for hours and hours may waste time but you can save that time and can do something productive for yourself and your life or join any activity class which makes your time worth.

7) You will love and accept yourself the way you are.


You don’t need to put layers of makeup on your face because you know you are beautiful and be yourself.

8) Better good night sleep.


Sleeping with your partner has its own disadvantages but when you are sleeping alone no loud snoring, sheet-stealing. Just you and your lovely dreams.

9) More trips either alone or with your friends.


Some trips are to be enjoyed either alone or with your friends. It will always be more fun than you ever expected.

10) You can do whatever you want.


You can fly high or jump down from a cliff, it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy your life the way you want to.

It’s good to be single because you can take out your time for yourself and can bring the best in you. Your relationship status never defines you. It’s you who make the difference in your life. Stay fit and healthy. Love yourself.


The article is contributed by Ankita Aggarwal. She is doing from JECRC University. She believes, “Do whatever you really want to and make your life worth”.


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