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Dead Body Gangraped: Where Are We Heading

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Don't Rape
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Even though moral science is a mandatory subject in almost all schools in India, humanity doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of people living in rural India.

The bizarre but true incident occurred recently in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, where a bunch of few lecherous, lust-filled men dug a woman’s body out of her grave and ruthlessly raped her. The woman in question had died only a week before, during childbirth. The incident came to light on Friday morning when the villagers found her body, naked and abandoned, twenty feet away from her grave. The woman’s family was informed, who then went to the police.

Can it truly be believed that a person carried out this act of rape? Can it truly be believed that people who live among us have been reduced to such vile and immoral beings in the face of lust?

It’s safe to say that the woman subjected to such a horrendous crime had already been subjected to a great amount of trauma before her death. To think that she had to lose her life to give birth to her child is a huge sacrifice in itself. And to top that, I shudder to even think about the excruciating pain she would’ve suffered. But apparently, it wasn’t enough that she had to suffer all of that during the last few days of her life, that she had to be dug out of her grave, gang-raped, and left out in the open for all the world to see. This incident reveals that our patriarchal society still doesn’t seem to value a woman’s modesty, not even after her death. She is still considered property, to use and throw whenever the “superior” gender, being male, feels like it.

Violence against women
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Don’t you think our mentality is to blame? Indian boys are raised with a sense of entitlement with the women being beneath them, and Indian men are taught not to practice restraint. Even in the incident of rape, with a girl who’s alive, the victim becomes the criminal. The girl loses her modesty and respect in society while the boy is termed as “jawaan”(meaning young) and let loose, without a sentence to commit even more horrendous and horrific crimes.

Sexual oppression and the taboo associated with it are so great in India that most men have forbidden fruit. How else would you explain men of all ages who somehow want to brush their hand against you or find an excuse to touch you?

Dead Body Gangraped: Where Are We Heading 1
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Despite the security measures in place, the police task force changes, our country still seems to be holding up one of the top positions in the highest number of rape crimes. It makes you think it’s more than JUST the administration. We need to ask ourselves if this is the kind of place we wish to raise our children in, if this is the kind of country we want to leave for them, where a girl can never feel safe, if these are the values we want to give them, to celebrate one gender and violate the other.

It doesn’t take a lot of people to stop rape. YOU can stop rape. Let us all strive to make this country, our home, a better place, a safer place for all people alike.


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