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Unlock What Happens When a Girl Loses Her Virginity!

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“O my God, everyone my age would have had sexual experiences. They will tease me and call me a noob if I do not have sex for the first time, at least. Well, it is even unknown to me, what happens when a girl loses her virginity.”

“What if my boyfriend leaves me if I do not give him sexual pleasures? I think I should allow him for just Oral Sex or Anal Sex.”

“Mom says, virginity is a gift to be preserved for just one man in life, a husband.”

“What!! There are traditions of showing bloodied white bed sheets after the first night sex with husband to prove a girl’s lost virginity?”

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

If you are thinking of any of these, just stop and give a read further. Firstly, get your head clear of all the wrong concepts of virginity and about what happens when a girl loses her virginity. You would have heard a lot about how your hymenal tissue protects your vaginal opening, and its presence or absence will decide about you being ‘PURE’!

Well, to clear that, you must know that a hymenal tissue is just like one free pencil with a box of pens, and there has been no proof of any medical or physiological purpose of it. And so it does not get penetrated only when a girl loses her virginity.

It is a very flexible tissue that can be broken due to physical activities like exercising, cycling, running, or use of tampons. Even the use of fingers or sex toys during masturbation can cause penetration. Some girls are not even born with that particular tissue.

So, keep this in mind. Secondly, you should not have any pressure to lose your virginity just to be cool in school or make your boyfriend stay. Sexual experience is neither something that makes you a cool adult person, nor is it taboo and shamed upon. You and only you decide when you are ready to have any sexual experiences.

But before that, you must be having confusion regarding what happens when a girl loses her virginity? (Here, virginity has been assumed as penis in vagina sex). To know what hesitation a girl goes through before losing her virginity, click here.

Feeling Weird but Good

When you decide to have vaginal sex with the partner of your choice, you might feel vulnerable as you would be naked in front of someone with all your flaws and insecurity. But do not worry, as it would be the same with your partner. You might feel pain when a penis enters your vagina for the first time as your vagina would not be stretched enough for it.

But gradually, vagina, being a very flexible and elastic muscle, will stretch for letting the penis in, comfortably and without pain. This might not happen the very first time. So, do not keep any images of movies or porn in head and plan to have a very magical and satisfactory first-time sex.

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

The other reason for pain during vaginal sex can even be your vaginal area being very dry. To make it wet naturally, you can ask your partner for foreplay or fingering or even oral sex. The penis would be able to move in and out more efficiently if the vagina is lubricated appropriately. It is just like oiling needed for any machine to work properly.

To answer about what happens when a girl loses her virginity, let me tell you, that there is a possibility of slight bleeding if your hymen is thick enough and undisturbed. But, it is completely normal if you do not bleed during first-time sex. It is also not necessary that both of you would experience orgasm and feel heavenly the first time. And it is also tough for women to experience orgasm.

Usually, the first time is about feeling uncomfortable, a little weird, but loving the new experience and sensations flowing in each cell of your body.

Here’s a fact, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2007, 35% of the United States high school students were active in the sexual context while 47.8% of US high school students had started having sex. The percentage declined in 2017. The sexually active students’ percentage was 28,7%, and the percentage who had experienced sexual intercourse was 39.5%.

To know what physical changes might appear when a girl loses her virginity, click here!

Can It Harm Health?

While wondering about what happens when a girl loses her virginity, there is always a question regarding harm to health or about obvious signs of having sex. There are no signs that your body shows to let other people know you have had sex, until and unless you let your mouth do so. After having sexual intercourse, you would feel different in your own body, and your vaginal area would also feel a little different. But, it all vanishes after some time.

Deciding upon having sex is okay but, you should be concerned about sexual health. There are many sexually transmitted infections like Thrush and Gonorrhea. Elements like yeast, bacteria, or virus present on the human body, spread them. It is advised to clean your genitals before and after having sex.

A condom or diaphragm must be used during the act of intercourse. If, during the act, you feel any kind of irritation or itching in your vagina or even pain that you sense is not related to having the first-time penis in vagina sex, stop the act. You should consult a gynecologist if the problem continues.

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

There must be health care followed even to prevent pregnancy. You cannot use a pullout technique for birth control, as even a little drop of cum contains thousands of sperms. A drop anywhere around your vaginal opening has the possibility of going inside and lead to pregnancy. The condoms or diaphragms are instructed as a must for this purpose also.

It is advised not to use any kind of birth control pills without proper prescription. Such pills can permanently damage your ability to conceive and cause other issues in the long term!

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

So, losing your virginity by having vaginal sex cannot be harmful to your sexual health or otherwise, if proper health care is thought and acted upon.

Does Only Vaginal Sex Mean Losing Virginity?

Virginity is a concept which is different to different people. Even the same person would take different meanings of it as per the situation. So, never give too much importance and thought about you being a virgin or not. You do not have to decide upon that and give a certificate of it to anyone.

There are many different types of sex, so associating just vaginal sex to virginity is not at all accurate. What happens when a girl loses her virginity to her lesbian partner? There would be no question of the penis in vagina sex.

But even then, the girl would have experienced sexual pleasures and acts relating to it. So, should we call her Virgin or not?

What if a girl uses sex toys like vibrators or dildos for personal satisfaction? There is no involvement of a partner in it. So what happens when a girl loses her virginity like this?

What happens when a girl loses her virginity in the act of sex outside her consent? What if she had been tempted at a tender age or raped? Would she be Virgin?

Well, there can be many other cases where a girl is involved in sexual activity for the first time. Every situation could be looked at from different aspects and then, action could be decided. But above everything, your consent and your choice of partner at your choice of time and place should play an important role for you.

To know a few points to take care of before having sex, do check out the following video:

Emotional and Mental State

What happens when a girl loses her virginity or to keep it simple, indulges in any kind of sexual act, is not only about physical tension she goes through. People having sex should be considerate of each other’s mental state. It is also about what happens to her emotional and mental state. This state would be a reflection of the societal norms she has grown in.

She might feel she has betrayed her parents’ belief in her, and that she has broken her moral values! She would even doubt her partner’s satisfaction towards her and would fear of losing him.

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

If the girl had had sexual activity before marriage, tons of other questions would haunt her. What if I break up with that partner or no guy accepts me for marriage? What if my parents get to know about it and disown or abandon me?

Would I feel good to have sex with some other person? Would I get pregnant? And with this, she would worry every month if her periods are even two days late.

My dear girl, do not stuff up your head with such false thoughts and questions. Just think that do you feel happy and great at the moment and was it your choice? If yes, all these worries are not much significant. You should feel special as sex is just like other physical activities of dancing, jogging, skipping, cycling.

what happens when a girl loses her virginity

And it is completely okay to enjoy it like any other thing and have fun. But, never forget to get proper knowledge regarding what happens when a girl loses her virginity. And also, before experimenting with anything different and new, know everything about it. Then, talk to your partner regarding that.

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