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Dungarees: A Bold Way to Make a Fashion Statement

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We all have a beautiful pair of dungarees that is a reliable fashion choice, absolutely stylish and hard-wearing for all seasons. A denim dungaree is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, which is why fashion designers insist it is a “wardrobe essential” for every lady. The ease, comfort and elements of functionality that the vintage outfit offers are unmatched and incredible. If one reflects on the journey of a dungaree over the centuries, it will be crystal clear why the outfit has been ruling the fashion industry so far. 

It would not be wrong to say that the fashion designers have made one of the most successful efforts by using denim for making varieties of dungarees and bringing them back from the dead! Every woman who desires to look her best self every time she steps out of her house would not miss out on the latest dungaree dresses and rompers. To stand out of the crowd and make heads turn over the even direction, try the trendy dungarees by Freakins. It is one of the leading shopping websites that offer exclusively handpicked denim apparels, dungarees being the top favourite. 

Look bold and beautiful in all seasons by pulling off a dungaree in the most fashionable way. 

Dungarees: A Bold Way to Make a Fashion Statement 1

Dungaree Dresses: From History to Present 

“Overalls” is the word people would use back in the day in the late 17th century when dungarees made their entry into the fashion world. One could not have imagined, but the name and roots of this outfit are from India! “Dungri” was a type of textile found in India at that time and people used it for making robust and cheap working clothes. The name of the fabric is after a village in Maharashtra, named “Dongri” which was the only producer of it. 

During colonial rule, the British bought Dungri and gave it the twist of their accent to make it “Dungaree”, as we know it today! In the mid 18th century, fashion companies made variations to the outfit. They invented its typical design by adding a pocket on the chest for carrying tools, adding buckles and straps to hold the weight and side pockets for keeping accessories. Dungarees became an instant success. From Hollywood royalties to miner-class labours, everyone wore the outfit with pleasure. Today, we are in the 21st century, and we still cannot get enough of the apparel! 

The Bold Versions of a Dungaree 

Although the classic design of a dungaree used for the “labour class” remains the same, many new variants are up on the list! Women have a lot of options to choose from, depending upon their preferences and fashion sensibility. 

  • Dungaree Shorts – As bold as it can be, a dungaree short is the hot favourite of every fashionista in the summer season. There are so many colours and designs that every woman can find her favourable outfit from the stock. A pair of white sneakers, a high ponytail and a bodycon t-shirt are all one needs to complete the look. 
  • Dungaree Dresses – Women who are always indifferent between a dungaree and a dress should pick the pinafore dresses to grace their closet. The frilled-hem and drawstring waistbands add more fascination to the outfit.
  • Rompers – Just like the dungarees, rompers are feminine, bold and childishly graceful. These collared dungarees look great with muted and fresh makeup. It is important to choose the right pair of shoes with rompers as these outfits are not very girlish. So, one cannot wear sandals and heels with them.
  • Organic Dungarees – The organic dungarees are similar to the classic design with a bit more roughness in the bottoms. These outfits have a patch-pocket in the front and adjustable straps. Organic dungarees are not slim-fit. They are over-sized and give more of a baggy look. 
  • Slim-fit Dungarees – Women who love slim-fits have their share of dungarees available in the market. From all shades of blues to pastels, fashion designers have brought everything in store for the lovely ladies who cannot get enough of the outfit. 

Dungarees are making the most stylish stance in the market with every element of fashion and style in check! The best thing about a dungaree is that one does not have to think much about the size and shape of it as they look good even when over-sized. 

A woman is never too old to sport her favourite dungaree! 

Dungarees: A Bold Way to Make a Fashion Statement 2

Styling Tips for all Seasons 

Buying a stylish dungaree is as important as wearing it with the right combination of footwear, handbags and accessories. Since this versatile outfit goes in every season, one can make a distinct “style chart” for each one. 

The Scorching Summer 

Rompers, denim dungaree shorts, distressed and ripped dungarees are a few of the options that women have for the summer season. Flats and sneakers must be in with a hat, sling bad and high bun to complete the look. Yes, one should not spare the sunglasses! 

Breezy Springs

Springs are more pleasant than summers, so the ladies have the chance to experiment more with their looks. A dungaree dress with a crop or tank top can never fail to leave a mark! Girls can try wedges and pumps with dresses with a breezy hairstyle. Soft open curls will also look great during the spring season. 

Flowy Rains 

The rainy season can take a toll on the fashion regime of women. However, the variation in the size of dungarees elevates their class well enough to be an option for the season. Subtle and matte makeup, well-tied hairstyles and limited accessories are preferable. After all, going over-the-top is not an option with the amount of rain that India observes. 

Cold and Freezing Winters  

Women can easily combat the cold weather of December by wearing all the woollens inside the full-length dungarees. Blanket scarves and caps are trending these days to add stylish details to the outfit. Long boots have to be the first and only pick during winters. 

Women can wear dungarees as many times as they want and in any way that they can! As long as one matches pace with the changing fashion trends, styling an outfit is not a difficult task. There is always a dungaree for every woman that can fir her taste and give the needed look as well.


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