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Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India

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All upcoming fashion trends in India this year have been sidelined. Understandably so, as the world deals with the ongoing pandemic. The most creativity that anyone can come up with is content videos for Instagram. Influencers are decking up for memorable trips from their bedrooms to their respective living rooms. The most others can do try out those fancy pajamas they had bought for sleepovers and hang out on their couch – preferably till the next zoom meeting.

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Wondering about the upcoming fashion trends in India (or anywhere in the world ) right now might seem futile to some, and offensive to most. There are worse things out there, and people have more things to worry about than fashion: health, jobs, food. The situation is dismal, and solutions haven’t precisely arrived.

However, something must be said for the hope that resides in the human heart and the passion that drives them. Humans cannot restrict themselves from plunging into the deepest recesses of their minds and whip out artistic creations. After all, wasn’t it Shakespeare who wrote King Lear during quarantine?

People everywhere have been bursting into artistic rants. The lockdown has indeed become a prison, but the mind is free. And the mind creates art and is open to doing so, no matter what the situation is. Then, can fashion be left alone in these times? Surely not.

A little note here on fashion trends everywhere – they are purely subjective and change from person to person. Yes, everyone has been led to believe that something is acceptable while the other is not. However, fashion is personal. And if you choose to be a trendsetter on your own, then there is nothing wrong with it. For instance, Ranveer Singh is often criticized for his flamboyant style. Few recognize that this can be seen as gender-bending style – blurring the disparities between androgynous and femininity.

What we want to see more of vintage (red polka dots, gingham), gender-bending, outrageously avant-garde, and the Indo Western style. Of course, the fashion police will have to make do with coordinated pajamas, kaftans formals (with the bottoms missing), and fuzzy home slippers.

Upcoming fashion trends in India have been borrowing from the West for a long time. That’s perhaps the little postcolonial hangover that we can’t get rid of (read: don’t want to get rid of). This year, however, we bring to you trends from the modern lookbook – Instagram! Instagram has had a lot to do in the past year. Influencers worldwide have been creating looks by putting together basic outfits and catering to the common people.

There are several concerns regarding the upcoming fashion trends in India. The need of the hour is survival, in the time of a pandemic. This is why several fashion stores are coming up with masks and gloves: both stylish and functional. There is a clear shift towards sustainability and ethical fashion, which seems to have a bright future in India.

Here are the top 10 upcoming fashion trends in India, conveniently compiled!

1. Sustainability is Key!

Fast fashion brands like H&M maybe ruling closets, but sustainable fashion isn’t far behind. Recycled fabrics, soft eco-friendly garments that will cause less harm to the environment, are on the rise. Brands like Anokhi, Fabindia, Upasana, Nicobar, and Brown Boy are all gearing up for the future of fashion. Ethical fashion and sustainability are perhaps the most important amongst the upcoming fashion trends in India.

Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India 1
Upcycled fashion from Upasana

2. DIY Garments yay!

The lockdown has indubitably curtailed retail therapy. So why not make the most of it by reusing old clothes? This is an emerging fashion trend that has been inspired by fashion influencers, bloggers, and YouTubers. The outcome? Finding dusty clothes in the closet and unleashing that inner designer! Put together those buttons, sequins, accessories, colorful embroidery thread, and get to work! DIY ideas are afloat on most social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t going anywhere. Instagram has had a significant influence on fashion trends everywhere, which shows. Soft whites, linens and cotton fabrics, delicate chains in rose gold, and the infamous no make-up make up look. White has become an indispensable color when it comes to marbles, wall paints, and clothes. Delicate white flowing kurtas, pale sarees – these have become all the rage. Minimalism is not one of the upcoming fashion trends in India. It has sustained and will continue to do so shortly.

Upcoming fashion trends in India
Stunning in white!

4. Pastels for Everyone!

Can pastels ever be out of fashion? Shades of soft lilac and blues, mellow yellows, and pinks. Pastel is here to stay. An upcoming fashion trend in India – clearly seen in the nail paints newly launched by Kay beauty by Katrina Kaif and the gelato kohl pencils by Lakmé. Blouses, kurtas, and sarees in solid, eye-soothing colors.

Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India 2
Upcoming fashion trends in India – Pretty in pastel!

5. Mask- but Make it Fashion!

No, this isn’t the face mask that you had been using in your pre lockdown days. These are made of fabrics, functional and important for hygiene and precautions. Face masks cannot be called a part of the upcoming fashion trends in India as they are the need of the hour.

However, designers have come up with creative ideas to make masks look appealing as well as cost-efficient. Colour coordinated masks have become a thing now: bold prints, quirky quotes, solid colors, and more. Gloves aren’t far behind either, and many have included these in their outfits.

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6. Not Sorry for Saree

Warning: The title may not be as glamorous as that saree in your wardrobe. This is the time to work out just how you will be draping that fabric over your body. Because the saree is no longer traditionally worn. Pair it up with bikini tops, trench coats (yes trench coats!), denim, or wear it like a lehenga. Pre draped sarees, denim sarees, sarees with pants: everything is in season and looks cool enough if you can carry it. Take a cue from Komal Pandey’s Instagram feed or create something all on your own.

The lines between west and east have finally blurred enough to create something spectacular.

7. Boho Babes and More!

Bohemian is eccentric, unconventional, quirky, and fast gaining a name in the Indian market. From flowing maxi gowns in popping yellows and reds, bohemian is amongst the upcoming fashion trends in India. Colorful prints paired with eccentric jewelry is the way to go. Think Coachella but with an Indian aesthetic. Kurtas, lehengas, and dresses that are an amalgamation of Indian and bohemian. Bohemian does not have to be loud. You can choose to play with colors and quirky jewelry and accessories.

Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India 3
Diaries of Nomad has it covered for you!

8. Accentuate with Accessories!

Accessories to jazz up your fashion game – who could resist? Fluffy cat ear hairbands, funky jewelry, and enamel pins are gaining popularity. Jewelry and India have a long love affair – statement pieces, chandbalis, vintage, kundans – we have seen it all. Silver jewelry from new brands like Quirksmith that lend a bohemian air with their unique anklets. Pair delicate minimalist bracelets with watches. Show off that gorgeous studded nath or gold nosering for the world to see.

9. Fluorescent and Dramatic!

One of the upcoming fashion trends in India: neon. The bright color will certainly suit those with a flair for the dramatic. Cropped tees in neon green and sneakers lined with neon orange, this shade is here to stay. Incorporate it in your make up or take a cue from Bollywood fashionistas: Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, and Sara Ali Khan. Wear an eye-popping pink or use it in your accessories if subtlety is your game. Either way, you cannot go wrong with fluorescent. The color is sure to make heads turn.

Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India 4
Get your neon outfit ideas from Shein!

10. Handpainted, Handcrafted.

This trend only became more popular when Kareena Kapoor Khan rocked a handpainted silk organza saree by Picchika with her name Bebo customized on it. Both organza and handpainted fashion can safely be deemed as amongst the top upcoming fashion trends in India.

Shoes with handpainted art, fashion accessories painstakingly put together by artists, denim jackets with paintings, embroidered handbags, and motifs on jeans and kurtas. Handpainted clothes especially are all the rage because they provide recognition to artists who often use Instagram for their business. Some brands which include handcrafted and handpainted clothes and accessories are Picchika, Fizzy Goblet, and Bunaai.

Top 10 Upcoming Fashion Trends in India 5
Picchika – fresh fashion

The reader may keep in mind that these fashion trends are a result of research and conjecture. These are prone to changes owing to circumstances. As stated before, fashion is personal. Never throw away the clothes that go out of style as they can always be remodeled or reused. Difficult times have arrived, and the underprivileged could always do with some clothes (or if you are desi, chances are, your mother may need more cloth rags).

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Right now, however, sip on tea and cozily drape your comfy pajamas because you aren’t going anywhere. Or for some change, you could always dress to kill – an instant mood booster. And remember, upcoming fashion trends are always subjective. You can always add to them or subtract, as per your tastes.


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