8 Easy Steps to Fitness for Lazy Teenagers

8 Easy Steps to Fitness for Lazy Teenagers 1

Working out may often feel like a challenging task, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise at all. Here is a list of 8 simple exercises to help you get started with your fitness journey.




This position, though it is easy to get into, becomes increasingly difficult to hold with time. The entire body from head to heal in a straight line is lifted with toes and forearms in contact with the surface. Elbows should be directly underneath the shoulders, and you must squeeze buttocks very tightly. Try to remain stiff and linear throughout without dropping your weight to the ground.

This is one of the best workouts as it strengthens and tones the entire core i:e, the abdomen, obliques, lower back and buttocks.

2. Triceps’ Dips


Sit on the edge of a low seat or a step (a stair can also do). Place your hands on the edge with your fingers facing forward and extend your legs in front. Apply pressure on your hands to shift your body ahead of the step and then lower yourself. When the butt is just off the ground, push your body up.

As the name suggests, this exercise tones and builds triceps muscle.

3. Butterfly



It is an easy position to get into and can be practised even on the bed. It requires you to be seated with a straightened back and the soles of either foot in contact with each other. Gradually make attempts to bring the feet closer to the pelvis and touch the knees to the surface. Flap your legs in this position.

This exercise improves hamstring strength and flexibility.

4. Wall squat hold

8 Easy Steps to Fitness for Lazy Teenagers 2

Wall squat

A squat is an exercise practised in a standing base position. This exercise involves bending the knees, lowering the upper body straight back by pushing back the buttocks. Lower yourself till your thighs are parallel to the ground, and then lift them. Knees stay in line with the foot without exceeding the toes.

When this squat is practised with the back pressed against the wall, it develops leg strength rapidly. It shapes up the quadriceps and also activates the core.

5. Calf toning pulses

Calf toning pulses

Calf toning pulses

As the name suggests, this exercise strengthens the calf muscles. It is practised by standing on your toes. The exercise involves lifting the entire body on toes and lowering it down in quick pulses without letting the heel touch the ground.

6. Leg raises

Leg raises

Leg raises

This exercise is practised with you lying down against the back and placing your fists under the butts. Both the legs are entirely and gradually lifted to 90 degrees from the surface and back down. Repeat without letting the legs touch the surface. Make sure that your back is not lifted from the ground.

It is a workout to develop lower abdominal muscles and strengthens the lower back.

7. Pelvic raises

pelvic rise

pelvic rise

This exercise is also practised lying down against the back with knees bent and upright. From this position, keeping shoulders, head and feet grounded, the rest of the body is lifted leading from the pelvis.

This exercise tones the lower back and the buttocks.

8. Yogic Stick Pose

Yogic Stick Pose

Yogic Stick Pose

This exercise is the most important of all exercises, especially for desk workers. It provides relief to the backbone and back muscles.

It requires you to be seated with your legs spread forward and straight. From this position place your fingers next to your butts and lift the body with only the heels and fingers in contact with the surface. It would be best if you pressed down shoulders, and you must control the core.

So get on the floor and start doing these exercises. Now is the best time to get started!

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