Ecstasy In Pain (A Poem)

Ecstasy In Pain (A Poem) 1

After years of separation, the lover happened to notice an old piece of memory which was gifted to her by her beloved. God was envious about their love and life so he snatched him away from her life forever leaving her to agonize. This gift, “a band”, symbolizes their love which will never die though he is no more. This pain of separation, has actually become her ecstasy which she endures, with the help of his memories.

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There lies in my wardrobe

an old piece of memory,

cold and numb

cursing on its own decisions.

Oddly combined colors,

which never dissolved.

Extended to a few yards

defined nothing but contempt.

Still can’t realize,

we’re torn apart.

This is the pain

which I enjoy:

my ecstasy.

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