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A Beautiful Nightmare for Freedom

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Every grandparent who was present at the time of independence describes that night as a beautiful nightmare because of the violence and the victory over Britishers. Why did all our freedom fighters initiate slogans such as “Do or die” for liberty? That is because, for about 200 years, Indians struggled a lot with the gruesome policies of Britishers.

This poem gives you an image of the day when India came out of the cage of colonialism.

As per nature

It was a pleasant midnight

But to the Indians

It was a nightmare;

Horses were galloping 

over barricades fiercely

As browns towards whites;

Soldiers were marching 

with guns dynamically

Towards inhumanity;

Citizens were participating 

with guts bravely 

Towards merciless people;

To break the chains 

of slavery and dependency;

On the historical data

AUGUST 15,1947

They made our tri-color flag

fly on the Red Fort with 


Man holding the flag of India
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“It’s enough to live for a day as a lion than a shepherd for 100 years.” – Tipu Sultan.

 Many leaders sacrificed their lives to see their younger generations enjoy liberty. They didn’t fight for our nation but every Indian’s rights. Let everyone live according to their wish irrespective of our caste, creed, religion, and citizenship as a Human Being.

Try living according to your heart and fly with your innovative thoughts to reach your destiny and make all the dreams and wishes of our late freedom fighters become a reality and make their souls rest not in peace but a triumph of satisfaction.

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