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Escape Room Las Vegas: 6 Exciting Places to Visit

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Escape Room Las Vegas is an adventurous and fun puzzle-solving escape game in the city of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Nevada is a vacation destination for many family and friend groups. The city offers a large variety of entertainment in the form of luxurious hotel rooms, grand buffets, live music, calming spas, and beautiful sites. Among all this splendour there is a gem of a tourist attraction: Escape Room Las Vegas.

We will get to know the best Escape Room Las Vegas for you to visit. Before that, we will get into the history of escape rooms and how you should guide yourself through the escape room in Las Vegas. This will help you choose what kind of escape room Las Vegas you might want to go to.

A Brief Introduction to Escape Rooms

Escape rooms or escape games came into existence around 2007 when a Japanese company named Real Escape Room was founded. Soon in 2011, Captivate Escape Room was founded and established in Singapore and Australia. Then in 2012, Real Escape Room was brought to San Francisco. In Seattle, the first American-based escape room company Puzzel Break was founded in 2012.

At first, the escape room experiences just included solving puzzles with pen and paper. When escape rooms became popular, physical locks with combinations, hidden keys, or hidden codes were introduced. The solution can be found by observing and using the objects in the room. Soon, escape rooms started to have a detailed set design, and some even have automation technology.

Escape rooms also have running themes or intricate storylines with genres like horror, heist, prison escape, detective, historical, zombie, and many others to enjoy. While you are inside an escape room, you need to solve a series of puzzles that include cyphers, riddles, mathematics, searching, analysing, or assembling an object, and navigating through the puzzles to find the key or code to open the escape room.

All escape games, including Escape room Las Vegas, have a time limit of about 45 to 60 minutes, within which you need to escape the room. You might be given certificates and prizes for solving it within the given timeframe. Escape rooms are highly recommended for family and friends since it is a game that requires teamwork and coordination. These escape games are also considered to be a team-building activity.

As you enter an Escape room, you will be introduced to the game and informed about the rules and time limit. These instructions will be given through audio or video. You and your team will be given a limited number of hints which will be conveyed through audio or video when asked.

As the game starts, you and your companions need to go forward with finding clues to solve puzzles, and either you win the game or move to a new room as some escape games are spread through several rooms.

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Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

There are many Escape room Las Vegas which will test your intelligence, presence of mind, and observation skills. Only some can take you through a whole new escape room experience.

Here are the 6 best escape rooms in Las Vegas which are fully immersive and have their own little perks and surprises.

1. The Asylum: Doctor’s Secret by Lost Games

Located in Las Vegas NV, Lost Games has an escape room named Chapter 1: The Doctor Secret.  The escape room can provide private rooms and groups of 2-8 people can participate.

The set designs are impressive and are inspired by movies. You need to solve high-tech puzzles and complete tasks to escape the room.

The storyline of this escape room Las Vegas progresses through live-interaction with actors and other types of equipment. You will be given 60 minutes to find your way out. The cost is $33+ per person.

The storyline behind this particular room is that the participants are newly admitted patients of asylum who have been poisoned. The poison affects you in 60 minutes. You have to find the antidote while finding your way through the hallways and secrets of the asylum.

escape room las vegas
Source: flickr

2. The Asylum: Playtime by Lost Games

This is the second instalment of escape room Las vegas by Lost Games. This is the continuation of their first escape room. This escape room can also have 2-8 people, and you can request private rooms for yourself and your friends.

The set design is detailed and creepy. The puzzles are more challenging yet quite intriguing. This room is more immersive than its prequel room, yet some puzzles might be difficult, and clues might be provided as per the rules.

The cost of this escape room Las Vegas is $33+ per person and you can book in advance from the website or through email. Only 60 minutes will be provided to make it to the exit.

The storyline of this room is set after you get the antidote from their earlier escape room. You have to escape the asylum and avoiding getting caught by the asylum guards.

escape room las vegas
Source: Flickr

3.  Basement by The Basement

When a haunted house and solving puzzles came together, Basement was born. This escape room is made by The Basement located in Las Vegas NV. The cost of this escape room is around $36.

Private rooms are available if requested. You can bring up to 8 people for this escape room Las Vegas. This escape is not for the weak-hearted as it has several jump scares throughout the escape room experience.

The escape room has some wonderful features like engaging puzzles, a horrifying yet exciting set design, great technical details, and talented actors.

The experience of this live escape room takes place through multiple rooms. The storyline is that you and your companions have been kidnapped and need to escape within 45 minutes.

escape room las vegas

4. Official SAW Escape

This escape room in Las Vegas is created by the same studios who brought out the movies. This escape room is exceptionally well-designed and has life-size set props. The whole escape game progress through multiple rooms.

You have to solve a series of easy yet interesting puzzles. Most of them are numeric codes or require observation skills. The Official SAW Escape states that it is not an intense escape room, but they still give an excellent experience.

You might get to meet different characters of the SAW movie franchise throughout and games are inspired from the same. Their set design is unique, and this makes the escape room a star in the market. You came to enjoy it for around 70 minutes, and it only costs $60.

The storyline of this escape game in Las Vegas starts with you and your friends going to Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant for an after-hours tour. But soon you all become a part of a twisted game planned by the Jigsaw killer and his disciples. You need to escape the rooms as fast as you can.

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Source: Wikimedia

5. Lair of the Puzzlemaster by Trapped!

If you are a fan of puzzles and want to solve a series of different puzzles rather than going for an elaborate storytelling escape room, this is your destination.

Only 3-10 people are allowed to go at a time, and it is $35 per person. This escape room Las Vegas NV has a lot of puzzles to solve within 60 minutes. They give a large variety of puzzles in a space that has a sombre ambience to it.

It is dubbed to be one of the most challenging escape rooms in Las Vegas. Its large variety of puzzles have different levels, and you need to have good teamwork to win this one.

You can also book this escape room for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The simple theme of this escape room is that you and your companions are agents who have tracked down an international criminal. Now you go to find him in his house and get trapped.

escape room las vegas

6. Gold Rush by The Escape Game

This is one of the escape room in Las Vegas that requires physical activity. So this escape game is for the ones who want to use their physical abilities along with their intelligence.

Gold Rush, made by The Escape Game, is entirely interactive and should be one of the escape rooms that you should give a try. 2-8 people are allowed at a time, and it costs around $39 per person. The time limit for this escape room is 60 minutes

The set design is elegant and quite detailed. The clues to finding your way out fit with the theme they have chosen. The escape room experience is spread through multiple rooms.

The storyline behind this escape room is that a man named Clyde Hamilton had stashed his stolen gold there and now you have to find it with your friends. You have to locate the gold before the mob does.

This escape room is a fan favourite and is enjoyed by many people due to its puzzles, interactive storyline, and set designs.

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Escape Room Las Vegas

So if you are going for a Las Vegas trip with your friends and family try out one of these escape rooms in Las Vegas. You can also bring along your work colleagues and improve your teamwork.

You should visit any of the above escape room Las vegas and trust us, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and might sharpen your brain after solving the puzzles.

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