Everybody Die, But Not Everybody Live

Everybody Die, But Not Everybody Live 1



In the hustle and bustle of life, shedding out a million droplets of intense labor, the pink blisters bubbling out until you surrender yourself to death. Within a fraction of seconds, we fail to realize that when we rose and when we fell. The way human beings shut their eyes to the reality of living, overlook the relishing flow of ecstatic moments that pass by, makes them feel remorseful, the day they die. In spite of several appealing reasons to live, but people prefer to fritter away the sumptuous period and experiment with these flickering minutes.


The flash of dismay, the essence of charismatic reminiscence,

The shower of alluring tenderness, the pearl of buoyancy,

And the eyelids shut, kissing slumber perpetually.

Every man follows the old traditions and general customs of normal living. A carefree infant turns into a studious and active teen is transforming into a diligent adult and gradually into a scrawny and enervated old man. In this whole cycle of life, the imperceptible opportunities knock your door, not once or twice, but infinite times. Instead of grabbing them in our arms we crush them under our footwear, shattering those golden presents into a trash of perturbing, that we don’t identify during our lifetime, but after its seized away, by death.


While counting our last breaths, we become conscious of what we lost and could have cherished over when we had the opportunity to fulfill those unlimited desires. But this realization is too late, that we could neither get moments back nor could we get another opportunity to heal the wounds. All we could do before dying is regret and shed unlimited tears over our drastic demise and hammering that we received after losing in the game of life. How many people wish to get a chance to live their lives from the start, but all in vain. Time is one of those unforgiving constituents that has an eye on us every second and at the end offers us the reward that we deserve, i.e. displeasure or gratification.

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Life is bestowed on limited beings. Therefore, grab the gift of fortune and set yourself free, spreading your arms wide and greeting all the exquisite moments of your lives and making a huge difference that makes you a remarkable and immortal personality even after the loss of life.

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