The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn’t Know

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Looking to know more about Palak Muchhal? Wondering what the top facts about Palak Muchhal are?

Being an Aries (30th March 1992), Palak Muchhal the latest sensational voice, that has made the tinsel town go crazy, is much more than just a sweet voice. Presenting some known and unknown facts about the passionate and talented Aries lady, Palak Muchhal!

The Top 5 Facts About Palak Muchhal

Know about Palak Muchhal age and other interesting facts in this story about the singer’s life. We are sure you would find some of these engrossing.

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  1. She wasn’t from the Industry

Did you know that Palak Muchhal knew nobody from Bollywood when she started out?

Hailing from a Maheshwari Marwari family in Indore, Palak and her family had no connection to the music industry. From a very young age of 4, she started learning music with the help of her mother.

It was her mother, who came to know about her will and zeal to learn music. Her family shifted to Mumbai, where she received Classical, Urdu and even Voice Culture training.  Palak can sing in 17 different languages, including Kannada, Malayalam and others.The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn't Know 2


2. Palak Muchhal Age: She started Singing Early

At the age of 4, Palak became a member of Kalyanji-Anandji little star and sang in a little shop in Indore to raise funds and help the families of the deceased Kargil soldiers (1999).

In fact, since then, she has been doing her bit to help raise funds for charity, whether it be through songs or monetary help, another of the Palak Muchhal facts, we are sure you didn’t know.

3. Palak Muchhal has always Stepped up to Help the Needy 

She had raised a fund of 25,000 and later on went to help the victims of the 1999 Odisha cyclone.  As a child, she always wanted to help those in need and thus at a very young age of seven, she along with her brother Palash Muchhal, started singing across the world to raise funds for the children with heart ailments.The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn't Know 3The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn't Know 4

The reason behind such a unique and inspiring desire to use her voice to help the needy ones, actually rose when she saw a child using her clothes to clean the train compartments.It was during the same time, that her school Nidhi Vinay Mandir approached Palak’s parents to help them raise funds for Lokesh’s treatment who was suffering from Congenital Heart Ailment.

In March 2000, she used a street vendor’s cart and raised 51000 (as a cost of the surgery) which in turn prompted Bangalore based cardiologist Devi Prasad Shetty to operate on Lokesh, free of cost! KUDOS.

The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn't Know 5The Top Facts About Palak Muchhal You Didn't Know 64. Palak Muchhal Raised 1 million INR in 2001

Her charity organisation is named “PALAK MUCHHAL HEART FOUNDATION”.  In 2001, she raised one million rupees for the victims of the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake. In 2003, she provided funds through her charity to a two years old Pakistani girl who had a hole in her heart. Her act of bravery was broadcasted by Star-Gold channel in their show “Rang De Basanti Salaam” (Salute to color of sacrifice). It’s another  of the interesting facts about Palak Muchhal.

5. Palak Muchhal has Won Many Different Awards

She was also awarded The Babasaheb Ambedkar award in 2010 and in 2015 she made her entry in both The Guinness Book Of World Records as well as Limca Book Of World Records, for her outstanding contribution towards charity work, which actually managed to save the lives of millions.
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Palak and her contributions are endless and very hard to describe in a single article. She not only carved her way in the field of charity but also earned much respect in the Bollywood industry as well, with her mesmerizing voice. Be it Aashiqui 2, Ek Tha Tiger, Rocky, or Prem Ratan Dhan Payoo, her songs never fail to surprise us.  

Which of these facts about Palak Muchhal did you find the most interesting?

You can follow her on Twitter here.

Enjoy this video of Palak Performing with Benny Dayal at the BBC ASIAN NETWORK- 


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