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15 Must-haves For A Quintessential Capsule Wardrobe

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For all the pretty ladies out there, I know that keeping up with the fashion trends is on the top of most of our to-do-lists. Who doesn’t like to be the trendiest woman in the room?? Every woman must have her very own small magic box of the basics to begin with-the essentials that would help you with the piling up of the rest of your trends. Come, lets step into our capsule wardrobe!!

 “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you make of it”

1. Basic white tee

It is the one of the most recommended staple item for a wardrobe. Whether it be for a casual outing or classic dinner date a white tee is always to the rescue. We could pair it with a pencil skirt, blue denims Blazers and what-not.

2. A Fitting Pair of Denims

Second, most important piece of clothing that every girl needs, is a pair of denims that hugs her well-sculpted curves like her skin itself. Your perfect jeans are an instant mood-booster.


3. Black Tights

Whether it is to pair with an extremely short dress or to pair it with a flared skirt, classic black tights makes your legs look sexier and longer. With those legs, girls you can set hearts on fire!


4. Slip-on Sneakers

Find a pair that fits you like a glove & makes you feel like you found your most comfy pj’s and hang onto it. Just put them on, roll up your sleeves and you can set out to conquer the world.


5. Run-to LBD

That little-black-dress you could always run to when you can’t decide what to wear. Be it a girl’s night out, pairing it with strappy heels or wedges or a party night, pairing it with statement heels and contemporary accessories.


6. A Sharp Elegant Blazer

A figure-flattering blazer is a perfect add-on for work wear or for an evening out. An elegant black blazer instills you with a new found confidence in yourself.


7.Chambray Shirt

Looking stylish has never been this effortless as with this piece of clothing. These stylish chambray shirts are an affordable fashion that can be dressed-up, dressed-down and can be worn year-round.


8. A Pair of Pumps

A classic pair of pumps in black, red, nude or any other hues you wish to paint your feet with is a must for your wardrobe. Any statement heel that flatters your feet and makes you feel sexy are a definite go.


9. Ballet Flats

Just like many girls out there, I thought of ballet flats to be too feminine. I have now a pair of onion pink ballet flats that I can’t seem to take off!! Ballet flats are an easy choice for every occasion whether formal or informal.


10. A Denim Jacket

You can throw it over anything, ranging from a colorful sundress to a formal white shirt and you are sure to make men drool and women jealous. I rarely find anyone who doesn’t have a favorite denim jacket among her collectables.

11. Perfect Summer Dress

A perfect sundress with the most colorful hues always brightens a sunny day. The comfort and the chic appearance makes you forget the heat and enjoy the summer weather.


12. A Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt with the perfect length i.e. it should neither be too long nor too short can make your bottom half look delicious. Nothing else could be a better choice when it comes to a party to show off your curvy bottoms and shaped legs with a party sequined blouse. It is a formidable work wear too in a too good kind of way.

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13. A Trench coat

An elegant trench coat is the most timeless and understated staple item in your wardrobe. It is the most romanticized piece of garment across countries and the fun fact is it did not start out as a fashion statement in its initial days.


14. A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket might be one of the trendiest & the coolest staple item that you may own among your wardrobe treasures. It may feel heavy on your wallet but it would be twice worth the expense. Trust me!!!

15. Denim shorts

For a casual day to let out the steam, a cute or a sexy pair of shorts is just what you need. Wear it with a classy blouse or a graphic tee, comfy sneaks or flats-to-die-for, it always works out well.

denim shoerts

Is your wardrobe stocked up with the basics? Do you wish to have the perfect capsule wardrobe? Here is a list to help you sort out your wardrobe and you will never have a I-HAVE-NOTHING-TO-WEAR-I-HATE-EVERYTHING moment ever again!!!



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