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Firefly – The Show That Should Never Have Ended.

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Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ was a cult classic that was unfairly canceled after just one season in 2003, breaking the hearts of millions of devout fans! It was a classic in every sense of the term. It was one of those shows that should never have ended, a show that should have been around forever and ever! Here is a list of a few reasons why this show should never have been canceled:

  • The Characters: Watch as many shows as you like, but you will never come across characters more engrossing, interesting, and complex than those of Firefly. From the defeated war veteran Mal to the prostitute with a heart of gold – Inara; Zoe, Mal’s second in command, River, the genius girl-assassin, her devoted and handsome brother, Dr. Simon Tam, and the lovable crook Jayne. These characters would steal your heart before you even know what hit you!
  • The Setting: What could be more mesmerizing than a show set on an actual spaceship?! Serenity, Mal’s space-faring ‘firefly’ class vessel, is just as much an integral part of the show as the cast itself. As the title theme of the show so aptly recites:

    “There’s no place I can be,

    Since I found Serenity.”

    Once you’ve watched the show and gotten to know Serenity and her crew, you’d feel the same way.

  • The Backstories: Each character is given a complex, detailed, and believable backstory. Nothing illustrates this better than the nuanced and subtle history of the Tam siblings, heart-wrenchingly sad yet full of nail-biting suspense and drama at the same time! There is nothing even remotely over-the-top about any of it, yet these stories are what make the characters real and so much more than just some strangers on the TV screen.


  • The Cast: Not to sound shallow or anything, but to put it simply, the cast of Firefly is…hot! Like the sizzling variety of hot! Even with all the dirt and grime into which the nature of the show inevitably lands them, you cannot help but fall in love (or at least lust) with at least one of the super-gorgeous actors on that cast! From Castle’s Nathan Fillion to the delectable Sean Maher for the girls, we also get the sexy Morena Baccarin and the adorable Jewel Staite for the guys (and also the girls with awesome taste, because who can resist Kaylee’s smile?)!!
  • Space Cowboys: There are phrases in this world (like ‘hot chocolate’ and ‘cute puppy,’ for example) that you cannot help falling in love with. ‘Space cowboys’ is one such phrase. It’s like birizza, biriyani in pizza – two awesome things that nobody ever thought could happen together, but through some miracle, it did! At last, fans of cowboy westerns and science fiction have something to go crazy over…together! It has all the craziness and fun inherent in any story containing cowboys, along with the spectacle and special effects of good sci-fi. Besides, seeing actual cows in outer space never really gets old!


Do comment below to let us know your favorite aspects of Firefly and why you think it’s one of the most memorable shows ever!

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