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5 Most Common Appeals Used In Advertisements

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Advertisements are an integral form of promotion in marketing. Advertisements come in various forms of media like print, audio, or video. But there has been a monotonous nature in the kinds of advertisements too. The advertisements more or less use the same ingredients to appeal to the masses. Here we enlist the five most common appeals used by advertisers to achieve a good response from the consumers.

1. HUMOR: Most of the advertisements sell on the lines of humor. Humour is the strongest emotion to sell a product because such ads adhere to the consumer’s mind and stands out distinctly among all other ads. Also, humorous ads create a buzz in marketing because everyone tends to show and share humorous ads in their social circles. If you have seen the famous Chlormint ad with the “Dobara Mat Poochna” tagline, you can observe that all product ads come with significant humor content, one of which features Salman Khan and Sohail Khan; too!

2. FEAR: An unpleasant emotion like fear is often seen as an appeal in most ads where the marketeers create pseudo-emotions of danger, threat, or pain in consumers’ minds due to which they feel dependent on the product, which ensures its buying. Such ads focus more on the effect induced if the people are devoid of the product. We notice how efficiently fear is inbuilt in the ad for “Ceat tires,” where a couple escapes a major accident because they had “Ceat tires.”

3. HOPE: The marketeers make the most profit by creating an optimistic consumer attitude towards their product. The strategy is to make the consumer buy the product repeatedly until he sees positive outcomes. We can observe various fair and lovely ads. First, they created the hope of gradual fairness in the minds of female consumers. Gradually, they started suggesting the increase of frequency of usage of the product for a faster result. It played really well in its target consumer segment because the underlying appeal was very strong.

4. ADVENTURE:  Appeals of adventure is mainly featured in the ads for the youth’s products. The bold, unusual experiences and activities undertaking risks entice the consumer to figure out the bold side in his own personality and associate the product with his own self. They sell it because the product and the person share a likeliness that favors more market share. The best players in adventure ads are Thums Up with the tag line- “Taste the thunder” and Mountain Dew with the Tag line- “Darr k age jeet hai.”

Mountain Dew
Photo by Nathan George on Unsplash

5. SEXUALITY: Sexual appeal is found in ads that intend to convey concealed meanings. Such ads secretly convey their products’ usage without direct communication with the consumer. They often aim at making their customers believe that they become more desirable to the opposite sex after using the product. Most common among these are the ads of cologne, undergarments, condoms, and deodorants for men like Wildstone, Playboy, etc. Sunny Leone features in the Manforce ads, which sell the product because of the underlying appeal in the content and the featured celebrity.


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