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For The Ills That Castes Cast.

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Are we really united???
Are we really united???

We all talk of social equality, be it related to gender, caste, religion, region or whatever, but such equality is in just words at most of the places. To want it, we need to implement it, begin from your home, because charity begins at home, and slowly and gradually, we will find a change that we dream of.
Getting back to what I mean, I would start with a severe advice:
A serious advice to those who fall in love or believe in love, please ask the caste, religion or whatever, before falling in love. Its damn important. C’mon, please, get up from such taboos!
Ohh, he is a Christian guy, he should be this.. Ohh, he is Muslim, he should be this! Ohh, he is Hindu, he cannot be this.. When will we leave being so judgmental? I ask those people who are so caste rigid, is it in one’s hand to be born in a particular caste? No, it is not. I hate you all! I really hate you!
You talk about your respect, what is respect, do you really know?
Respect is rising above all these stupid norms, believing in equality, respecting others. Respect is not going by the caste, it is going beyond the caste. You have to earn it. Not this way, but a different way.

We are all human beings but are we being humans?
We are all human beings but are we being humans?


God forbid, if I have an accident, I need blood urgently. A lower caste person(I mean, whom our society regards so; otherwise no caste is high, none is low) comes and donates blood, does that mean, my caste has changed just because, blood of a person belonging to lower caste is flowing in my nerves. No! If caste is not with blood, with what is it associated then?
Caste is nowhere, but just in “name”, just “surnames”. Such petty false names.
“Ek jaati hai jo nahi jaati hai”(Caste is something that never goes).
Though our constitution has given right to equality, right to secularism, etc., till the time, it does not go away from the hearts of the people, nobody can help. Really nobody!
Talking about the so called theists, who have name of God on their tongue all of the time, but have double standard minds. I remember an incident from “Ramayana”, I know such people love to talk about these affairs, but when it comes to implementing, they step back. Getting back to the incident, “Lord Rama ate the ‘jujube fruit’, half-eaten by Shabri, just to keep her heart”. Giving a wider view, Shabri was a tribal lady, she had already tasted the fruit, in order to check for the sweet ones for Lord Rama. The Lord Rama looked at her intentions ignoring her caste. If God did not discriminate, who are we to do so. When, I gave such an answer to one of this kind-a-person, I was told, “Vo Bhagwan the(he was God)”. Yes, he was God, we are humans, we cannot understand the mystical heart stories.
From childhood, we are taught hypothetical goods and bads, rather goods and bads with terms and conditions applied.
“Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isaai, aapas me hain bhai bhai”
One of my friends’ mother told her, it is good to have brother sister relation, but beyond that don’t think of marriages. Its equivalent to people loving double meaning jokes. What a shit!
Here is another instance, that makes my heart heavy. But, I laugh, I laugh because I fail to understand, how people can talk so. One of my uncles have three daughters, educated enough to keep their lives going. The three of his daughters had love marriage that too out of caste. Now, here is what makes me laugh. His relatives said, “jaada padha diya, islye bache ese karte hain, itna padhao mat, k bache bigad jaayein” (education ruins, had they been not educated, such a step wont have been taken). Yes, education helps to rise above such idiotic creeds, helping us to develop our own thoughts, apply a rational mind, possess gentleman’s behavior and the list goes on. It undoubtedly, gives an edge over others, but sometimes, even educated people fail to accept all this. It’s not education, it’s the sense of understanding that really gives edge over others.
Please people, I am sick of it! Most people are. Leave it all.
Caste should not matter, because it is not caste that is everything. Above lies, what a person does, what is his mentality, status in the society(not materially, but socially), his ethics, his sense of understanding, his knowledge, his ways of handling things, his efforts to be what he is, his sense of responsibility, his power of accepting and respecting people considered socially unacceptable, his dignity of being humble and equal when compared to others(and not self-overrated). There is a satisfaction in this feeling.

United we stand!!!
United we stand!!!

We all have the same blood flowing in our nerves, we breathe the same air, we drink the same water(yes, quality differs with region, jokes apart), the same sun shines on us all, the same moon lightens the nights, why differentiate then?
Caste, color, creed, religion, let all this unite us, not divide us.
Let the first religion be humanity, first caste be love. Leave rest all!



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