The What And How Of The Zika Virus

The What And How Of The Zika Virus 1

Zika is spread to human beings through mosquito bites.  A few common symptoms are fever, conjunctivitis, rash and a headache.



The image shows places with present or past cases of Zika.




In the year 1947, a group of scientists, who were researching on yellow fever, caged a rhesus monkey in the Zika (overgrown) forest, in Entebbe, Uganda. This animal developed a fever, which was termed as Zika fever in the year 1952. This illness originated in central Africa first, and then in Southeast Asia. Since this year, until 2007, cases of Zika virus were very rare. But in 2007, in April, the first case of this disease occurred outside Africa, on the Yap Islands. This was at first thought to be dengue or chikungunya fever but was later understood to be Zika virus from the serum samples of patients. In this year alone, there were 49 confirmed cases of this, but no deaths or hospitalizations.

Since April 2015, it began in Brazil and spread to The South and Central America.



This virus is transmitted only by an infected ‘Aedes mosquito’, the same ones which transmit chikungunya fever and dengue. The mosquito gets itself infected by biting other people with this virus and infects another person by biting them after. Or, if the mother mosquito is infected, the virus is transferred to her child, while she lays the eggs. But this is rare.

Zika Infected areas:

  • Zika virus outbreaks occurred in Africa and south-east Asia, before 2015. It originated here.
  • After April 2015, it started in Brazil and spread to parts of Central America.
  • Presently, it is occurring in countries all around the world.


Since there is no vaccine for this virus, it is not that easy to be prevented. There is no fixed mode of prevention, except wearing full sleeves to avoid mosquito bites. Since this bite happens only during the daytime, no prevention methods are required in the night-time.



There is no separate method of therapy of Zika virus. It is only to treat the symptoms that occur. Plenty of rest should be taken, and intake should include lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. Medicines for a headache, rash and fever should be taken, after consulting a doctor.

Once a person is infected, he/she safe from future infection, for always.


Zika around the world:


In November 2015, Mexico reported the first transmission of the virus. Ever since, it has been spreading fast, in and around it.

Central America:

Since 2015, few countries of Central America, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama have reported many cases of Zika.

South America:

It started spreading first in May 2015. Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela and Guyana have reported extreme cases of Zika.

The Carribean:

U.S. Virgin Islands, Haiti, Guadeloupe, Barbados, Martinique, Dominican Republic and a few other places have reported cases of this virus.

Not just through these countries, Zika virus is now spreading through every continent and also through almost every country in the world. It has no method of prevention, only preventing mosquito bite is the only method of prevention. No cases of death have been reported by this, as of date.


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