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Frugal Marketing Tips For Start-Ups.

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A very famous marketer once said that the best marketing strategies are the one which require no money. If you are a bit too frugal to spend money on marketing, here are some strategies which will help you big time!

1. Post Comments On Other Blogs:

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To garner a huge audience, you need to make your product reachable. How about you pick a reputed blog which has an incredible audience to make you notable? Well, this is how it works:

  • Comment something interesting that makes the viewer go nuts about knowing you. Which henceforth, would lead them to check out your profile and content. Commenting something unique is very important as it adds to the discussion and enables other viewers’ to look at your viewpoint and make them think that there is something different about you. Look for the famous blogs which have a worldwide reach. There is no denying that it’d consume a lot of time, but your product will grow exponentially as your input of comments increases.

2.  A Joint Venture Partnership:

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Join with a company of your niche and split the profits of each sale with them. Finding a suitable candidate is not something hard.

  • Do a Google search using keywords that relate to industries of your domain.
  • View the ads on the right hand side of the page.

The ads are enough to prove that the corporation is ready to spend bucks to promote their product, therefore it’s easy to persuade them. Ideally, I would suggest to contact them with your proposal (suggest about what you offer with your product to their customers, in return for a share of the profits). Be kind, and focus on the merits of your product or service. It may take some time to reach through the decision-maker but it’d be worth it. Just be calm and persistent!

3. Blog That Help And Educate:

Seems like something that won’t work? Trust me when I say this this is becoming one of the most effective ways to increase the web traffic. The upcoming generation loves to read and write. A blog must be made with a vision to provide value to readers, rather than trying to sell them. Offering them value will help. Try to generate a relationship with them so that they can trust and like you, and you’ll find people contacting you to ask what they can buy from you. As your blog starts to have regular posts on it, submit the URL of your blog to popular blog directories to let them know that you exist.

4. Classified Ads:

Posting classified ads on different classified ads websites is one of the best ways to generate traffic on your website. This will bring people to your websites and also enable you to have many ‘backlinks’ from these websites to yours. This will also help to raise your rank on the search engine rankings.

It is almost similar to the classified ads in the newspaper. The only difference being, the amount of ‘backlinks’ you get when you put your URL in the ad.

Follow these steps:

Step 1.– Register your free account on the websites that generate online classified ads.

Step 2.– Design an ad. It should be to the point and brief. The site should be designed in such a way that the viewer surrenders to look at it. You can see other ads like this online and get an idea to work this out.

Step 3.– Login to the site, paste the content you have prepared when asked to enter your ad.

Sometimes you can’t post the ad that covers the entire country i.e. while posting your ad, you will be asked to choose geographic locations where your ad should be previewed. These choices are limited. But you must choose the geographic locations with maximum population with similar interests. You can overcome this problem by making multiple ads and then using them for different locations.

5. Target Social Media:

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I guess there are no second opinions if I say that these Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the best social networking sites when it comes to social media marketing. Adding description of your business, photos and personal information will be very helpful and enable you to send your message to lots of people. The people known to you will get to know that you have a start-up and through them you can promote your business online. That is how you should use the power of network!

Interacting with all the people you know can help you to promote online and get them to help you promote. Don’t underestimate the power of this strategy, it may seem slow but it will grow exponentially.

For example: In a month you might have 100 likes on your Facebook page but one year from now you can have nearly 1000 a month because of the power of network.

And this is how you can save thousands and thousands of bucks and grow your business incredibly!

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