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What you should know before beginning to Prepare for the Civil Services exam? 

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Though all would agree that the power and the respect that an IAS officer enjoys makes the temptation to clear the Civil Services Exam in order to join IAS simply irresistible, it’s advisable to consider all the inter-related perspectives before you begin to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. Simply getting carried away by the impressive careers of the IAS officers would be far from being sensible. 

Even if you clear the Civil Services Exam, would you be able to do justice to your job? Thus, apart from clearing the Exam, what actually makes you a successful IAS officer depends on if you are likely to enjoy your job or not. 

Ask Yourself

Before you actually begin to prepare for the IAS Exam, it’s best to ask yourself a few questions as suggested below:

Do you have the attitude and the aptitude:

Apart from the aptitude to clear the Exam successfully, your attitude also counts? Knowledge and competence, of course, matters. But what matters more is that you should be keen on serving the nation. Only an individual with an alert, aware and unprejudiced mind can do so. Are you able to rise above (or willing to cultivate the capability to do so) the discriminations based on caste, community, gender, religion etc. If you can do so, only then can you be able to administer the society with an unprejudiced mind. 

Are you able to make quick decisions:

An efficient administrator should be able to make timely decisions that should be beneficial and just to all.  Thus, you should not be unnerved by the difficult circumstances. An IAS officer is to manage the administration for the well-being of all concerned. Besides, the decision should be suitable for all concerned.

Are you willing to work round the clock:

IAS officers are usually required to work under tremendous pressure most of the time? If you are willing to put in more than 9 hours every day for your job, opt for being an IAS officer. The job, of course, is not meant for the people who are tired easily and quickly.

Are you over sensitive:

The people whose tempers are flared easily or those who succumb to flattery too quickly are not suitable to be administrators? Such an individual is least expected to make proper decisions for the well-being of all.

What is your level of patience:

If, after clearing the Civil Services Exam, you think that now you can simply enjoy your life, then you are far from reality. The truth is that the actual IAS Exam would begin now! The hard schedule of the duty that you would have to attend to would test your patience almost endlessly.

“However, it should never be forgotten that they there are no gains without any pains. When you prepare hard with the help of any IAS Coaching Institute or yourself and clear the IAS Exam, you of course enjoy tremendous power as an IAS officer. And when you serve your country well and are continuously looked up to by the common man, nothing is going to match that satisfaction!”

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