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5 Affordable Gadgets With Awesome Features

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With changing world, it is not important how many gadgets you have but it necessary which device you possess. Crack your piggy bank and take these awesome devices home. These are innovative, useful, most important  and affordable. It would neither make a hole in your pocket, nor it would add up to your junkyard of gadgets.So without further ado, here is a list of 5 gadgets that amazed us the most:

  1. Active listening earbuds
woman wearing earbuds and enjoying music
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It is a hard work of  2,855 people who combined $635,189 to help bring this instrument to live. Innovation by Doppler Labs has made wireless earbuds that take the sound beyond the bounds. The basic electronic earphones that we use stop the loud background sounds.  Earbuds are small, and light, and don’t feel at all protruding. The current model lasts 5 hours on a charge, and their carrying case doubles as a portable charger that’ll keep it alive for an extra 10 hours. This app-controlled pair of earphones controls the real-world sound and manipulate it with the help of an equaliser before it reaches your ear. You can pair them with your smartphone with a Bluetooth. Price $250 (Rs. 16,000) is worth buying.

2. Garage parking sensor 

A convenient gadget to park your car in tight garage spaces. It comprises adjustable, ultrasonic range finding technology to locate your vehicle when you are parking it. It sticks easily and quickly to the wall, workbench, shelf, or any surface in front of your vehicle and you encounter no trip hazards while mounting it. As the car approaches the sensor, it turns green which means it is safe to proceed the car. The yellow signal is too slow down the car and finally red signal is to stop the car as the car has reached a safe distance from the sensor. This great tech is of 1500 rupees only.

3. Smart Lock 

Smart lock
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Now you would never need to get a duplicate key or u won’t be ever worried when you are not at home and guest arrive at your place. With this invention by August, you can quickly create virtual keys for family and friends. It also has a feature lock which keeps a track of anyone who enters or exit our home and also the time of their appearance. It works with the August app which is available on both Android and iOS. You do not need to change your door for instaling it. Just a few shifts on the interior side of your deadbolt. Starting price is $199 (1300 INR) and is useful in protecting the house from thieves.

4. Polaroid Snap 

woman wearing earbuds and enjoying music
By Prostock-studio/ Shutterstock

With the growing trend of capturing and everything, this digital camera helps to take a snap, print and share it. This is easily portable and fits in your pocket. With 10 megapixels and storage up to 32 gigabytes, it uses Zink zero-ink paper enclosed along cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals. With a release of the button, it prints a snap of 2*3 inch instantly. It is affordable with 6500 rupees and available in four colours – red, black, white, and blue. The photo booth feature clicks six pictures in 10 seconds.

5. Levitating Lamp 

Levitating Lamp by Levitron is not a mirage but a reality that there is just a void of space between the shade and the base. The base comprises four electromagnetic coils to maintain the levitation if it collides. It contains a total of 9 LEDs in which 6 faces upwards and three faces downwards. It works on the magic of magnets and super easy to control. Just plug in and control the 9 LEDs by switches provided. It is available in around 10,000 INR.

Go and buy these gadgets soon before they are out of stock.



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