Wednesday, December 8, 2021

5 Futuristic Gadgets That Are Soon to Release and Sure to Mesmerize

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Science is amazingly fast growing and beautifully evolving. A recent development in all domains is the salient feature of this versatile field. The technologies that emerge out of these massive developments never cease to flabbergast the world. Here are few gadgets that are quite futuristic in their technology but are shortly set to their release into the market. So, science geeks and gadget freaks stay tuned!

  • 5D – Data Carrier

This compact 5D driven data carrier can store data of 360TB. What’s more? This does not get damaged even at temperatures around 1000 degrees. Under normal conditions, the carrier material will decompose over unbelievable 13.8 billion years!! This technology was developed by scientists grandchild Center for the Study of Optics at the University of Southampton. You can store a cute little message (Remember, your cuteness shouldn’t exceed 360TB!) for your greater grandchild who is a million generations after you!

  • Nokia FIT

Do you feel your smartphone is too cumbersome and big to carry it all the time? Are you scared of losing it? Then, Nokia FIT is your duckie. The purpose of this gadget is easy acceptance of calls and messages. The ring is waterproof and size adjustable. It is designed keeping the comfort of the user in mind with soft silicone interiors. But, you’ll have to wait a little longer to get hold of this great gadget as the realization of this idea involves scientific enigmas.

  • Follower Luggage

When everything is getting smarter, why not a luggage bag? This darling gadget recognizes the owner and follows him closely. Not only this, it has still more interesting features on board including charging ports, anti-theft alarm and also its power source! This smarty can be controlled with your smartphones for monitoring the luggage weight and location of the luggage. This is still in prototype stage and is soon set to release!

  • Aroma Cup

It is tough to get rid of excess weight while sipping your favorite flavoured sugar drinks, tea and coffee. Time for a change-‘Drink all you want and yet lose your excess weight merrily’. Thanks to this miracle cup which tricks your brain into assuming water as flavoured drinks. Now, you can slurp as much as you want – No restrictions! These cups retain their aroma for six months – enough time to bring down your ‘drinking’ habit.

  • Smart Garden

In this busy life, nobody has so much time to spare for gardening. Anyways, it is always pleasing to have a bunch of plants around. As a solution to this, Véritable has designed an autonomous indoor garden. The user need not select soil and nutrients to the plant as they are supplied as readymade blocks. This system has inbuilt LED lighting technology that provides the plants with artificial light for their growth. So, you can grow plants even at the places lacking sunlight. Also, the company ensures that your plants are growing safely, and there is no harm in growing vegetables and spices in this pot.


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