Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Study Finds That Gay Couples Can Have Their Own Baby Too

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Scientists at Cambridge University recently made a major scientific breakthrough. After a lot of research and lab tests on mice, they discovered that scientists could create an embryonic cell with the genes of two parents of the same gender.

This discovery is worthy of celebration as it means that gay couples could now have babies with both their genes. Up until now, same-sex couples usually had children with the help of either sperm or egg donors and surrogacy. This meant that the baby would only have one parent’s genes instead of both. However, this recent scientific development could change all of that.

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During the stem cell research at Cambridge, scientists discovered that they could turn the human skin cells and an adult cell called Fibroblast into embryonic stem cells. The researchers at Cambridge University and Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have shown that these embryonic stem cells can be programmed to form primordial germ cells.

These germ cells can further be turned into either sperm or egg cells. After a series of tests on mice and gaining immense knowledge on the matter, there is not much time left before science could create an embryo with the genes of either both men or both women.


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However, this news will bring about a lot of criticism and opposition from religious leaders and anti-gay and anti-lesbian crowds. These groups of people feel that same-sex marriages are “disgusting” or “sinful.”

Many gay couples have been through the dilemma of not being able to have a baby. Thus gay couples often turned to methods like surrogacy or adoption. This discovery will change that. It is indeed a time of celebration for same-sex couples as they could finally have children with both their qualities and, basically, both their genes.

Once the time comes for same-sex couples to have their own embryo created, it will be a time when all the world could finally be happy. Same-sex couples had always wished for that genetic relationship between them and their children, which will help them achieve that.

This will also completely change the world of reproductive science. Thus, the world where same-sex couples could have their own embryos made is eagerly awaited.

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