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Technology versus Creativity.

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display-dummy-915135_1280Technology has become as important to us as the air we breathe and the water we drink. The more developed technology becomes, the more integrated it gets into our daily lives. Even though it is the amalgamation of our creativity and necessity that gives birth to technology, it has often been seen as an obstacle to the further development of human capacity for thought.

However, those who believe in the sanctity of such a perspective end up relying on electronic devices and virtual intelligence all the more instead of racking their brains. Whereas those who strive to prove it false employ complete human creativity.

In the world we live in, having such complete technological or non-technological inclinations is no longer sufficient for intellectual development and consequent success. Therefore, electronic tools must be utilized not as a substitute but as a supplement to human instincts and creativity.


The dichotomy of technology and imagination is crucial to any content marketer due to the two-way effect they have on one another. On the one hand, imagination directs the inception and further development of any form of mechanics; on the other, these innovations also enhance our creativity and enable its easy application.

Furthermore, in a society like India, these dialectical concepts create a parallel between the modern and the traditional, as was seen in the recent elections. During the Lok Sabha elections of 2014, it was visible how, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused on incorporating India’s traditions into his speeches as a weapon to entice the public, his right-hand man, Amit Shah, broadcasted them to various rural areas with the use of hologram technology. This conjunction of creativity and technology ensured a historic victory for the NDA and brought about an innovative approach to election campaigns that are both efficient and attractive.

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Hence, technology is an invaluable tool that is a product of the ever-growing human abilities and can be deployed to transform our society’s image. For instance, government schools in the far-off parts of the country face major problems due to the lack of teachers willing to go to such places. Therefore, if the use of technology is well thought about, we can install a single computer system for the entire village and impart knowledge using free video messengers like Skype. This would help increase the literacy level of the country and introduce such children to how far the world has come in terms of development so that they can dream bigger.

Similarly, many smartphone apps have come up that aim to create a safer environment for women, some even attempt to make the Indian farmer more aware and self-reliant.

It is time that we stopped clinging to pure abilities that do nothing but restrict our intellectual growth.

Let’s take a positive step towards technology and make it a tangible extension of the human mind for a better future.

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