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Great China Telescope Searches for Existence of Alien

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Great China Colossal radio telescope presents a sea of opportunities. With the world still reveling on the Kepler-452b, China is quietly going about its quest for making a radio telescope that reports have suggested could be the largest in the world. As this is complete, this radio telescope performs both the duties of finding out an alien existence in the universe and discovering the roots of our universe.

The Hunt For The Aliens Begins by Great China’s Colossal Telescope

Alien figure blurred by the UFO spaceship light hovering above it.
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As per WU Xiangping, the Chinese Astronomical Society’s Director-General, this telescope is believed to be about half kilometers wide and can attain weaker radio messages from distant parts of the universe.

Short Description Of The Telescope

This telescope is a bowl-shaped beast and is named the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope or FAST. It will be able to measure 1640 feet in diameter and would be able to peer deep into the universe. As per the io9 description of the device- it is stacked with 4450 panels. Each panel is like a triangle measuring about 11 meters. That will be three times more than the 300 meter Arecibo.

The people involved are quite excited about this. We cannot simply rule out the possibility of contact with Extra-Terrestrial. The Great China Telescope on the lookout for human existence could be our new hope at finding another terrestrial planet.

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