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Harmful Effects of High Pollution

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Pollution refers to contamination of our natural resources which leads to an adverse impact on the lives of every living being. The various types of pollution include air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, high numbers oil pollution and nuclear pollution. Pollution has many hazardous effects on the health of individuals as well as the environment as a whole.

Bad Effects of Air Pollution:

airAir pollution high number of deaths due to various like asthma and other respiratory problems, Large amount cardiac problems, lungs problems, and infection, congeA large amount of carbon dioxide emission causes the ongoing decrease in the pH diseases of the Earths oceans as carbon dioxide gets dissolved,t his is known as ocean acidification. Emission of various green house gas like water vapor, carbon dioxide,m ethane, nitrous oxide and ozone leads to global warming and is the primary cause of rising temperature.

Harmful Effects of Water Pollution:

waterSuspension of a large quantity of wastes directly into water bodies causes water contamination and affect the life of both marines as well as other species. The waste water that comes out from factories have a very high temperature which when discharged into water bodies increases its temperature and kills marine species. It also causes contamination of drinking water.

Harmful Effects of Soil Pollution:

soilSoil pollution leads to contamination of soil and has ill effects on all types of creatures. It leads to infertility and is unsuitable for plants. It disturbs the food web and adversely affects various organisms. Acid rain leads to acidity in soil and also disrupts production. The toxification of soil leads to the introduction of toxic into the food chain and allow the toxic to pass through tropic levels and become concentrated at higher ones leading to bio-magnification.


Harmful Effects of Noise Pollution:

noiseNoise pollution refers to the excessive sounds that affect the healthy lives of all living beings. Its major causes are construction noise, machines, loudspeakers at public gatherings, vehicles, etc. Noise pollution can lead to irritation, headache, temporary/permanent hearing loss, memory loss, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, sleeping disturbance and much more.


Harmful Effects of Nuclear Pollution:

nuclearNuclear pollution is caused due to improper disposal of radioactive elements. It causes all forms of life from plants to animals to human beings. The radiations can cause a biological mutation which can even lead to cancer. This type of pollution is extremely harmful, and it is not that only nuclear power stations cause pollution, but industries like coal also have a small amount of radioactive material which do not burn completely and are released into the air.

The most concerning issue is that the radioactive material maintains its radioactive properties for thousand of years, and it is hard to get rid of it as proper disposal involves putting the elements in a lead container and disposing them on the foothills.

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