Friday, July 30, 2021

Hopes, Dreams, Regrets?

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This piece relates our dreams, resentments, and ambitions to our daily life and surroundings. Motivating you to stay positive, with the hope to replenish your thoughts and urge you to keep hoping and keep dreaming without any regrets.




They are like clouds floating in the sky
Sometimes merging to be the elixir of life
Sometimes making you yearn for raindrops of relief
Yet all dark clouds have a silver lining
And negative thoughts should never stop you  from looking at them


They are like flowers growing in the garden
Nurturing and blossoming every day if you water
Else parching and withering
Drooping if not taken care of
Yet the hose of water lies in your hand
So please don’t fail to water them every day


They are lying somewhere in the trashcan.
Recycling every day takes them to their right place
Or else they stink
Making them worse
Yet the quantity lies in your hand
How many to pour in and how many to throw!

Hopes, Dreams, Regrets? 1


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