How To Become Immortal

How To Become Immortal 1

The search for immortality is never ending in nature as being Immortal has always been one of our greatest fantasy.

Imagine the possibilities if you were an Immortal, for you could live through ages see all types of invention, you would surely visit each part of the earth but alas, we are not Immortal. My friend after reading this article you would definitely know the secret of being an immortal.


Before going towards the solution directly let me tell you the effects Immortality would have in your everlasting life. As soon as you would know that you have gained immortality a strange feeling of happiness would swath over your entire body, for you can have it all. You would have the ability to fail as many times you want; you will definitely succeed sooner or later and would become very rich, maybe a Billionaire. Who knows, for in your case God won’t be able to answer the question as you would be living as long as he would. Till now everything seems like sunshine and rainbows, now let us move towards the ills that come with immortality.

You would have enjoyed like a king for few years knowing that you are immortal, now imagine that you are getting married to a beautiful dame, the dame was so exquisitely beautiful that you did everything possible to impress her and finally she had agreed to marry you.


Twenty years in the marriage she would start feeling fatigued now and then as for her the natural order of life had kicked in. She won’t be able to accompany you anymore as she has got arthritis now. All your friends would be old too, so for talking a stroll in the park you would have to trust your new friend, ALONE. Few years more in the marriage and you are already fed up with the dame you loved so much that you were ready to do anything for her; you finally take pity on her condition as she is unable to identify you. Till now some of your friends have already gone to sleep in the warm embrace of Mother Earth. Few more year and there is nothing called marriage in your life, as the once beautiful dame had left you for good, for the stars had given her a place in them.


You look around yourself and find that once the bubbly place you called earth is unknown to you. For the generations that comes doesn’t seem to accept you; the once cool boy is now a social outcast; you try to change places but it seems no one wants to be with you as they feel awkward talking to you. For you the seasons won’t matter anymore, the sun wouldn’t shine for you anymore as its rays will feel all the same, you would only feel pity and pray to your God to relieve you from the curse called Immortality.
Till now you saw how painful it would be to become an Immortal by this way, now I am going to tell you another way to become Immortal.


The way, in which you would enjoy the company of the beautiful dame you married, you could also laugh your brains out with all your friends, seasons would change for you and you would feel the rays of sun shining just for you.My friends it’s very easy to become an immortal, all you need to do is find success, for some immortality is in a pen and paper for the likes of Milton and Voltaire who still continue to mesmerise us with their beautiful works on literature, for some it was the grand gesture they stood for like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King who still give us courage to stand against oppression, for some it was the music which made them immortal.


I know it’s easier said than done, but my dear friend if you want to be an immortal the road is not an easy one, you will face people who will be just regulars, they will mock you and try to stray away from your path but remember once you will attain  perfection it won’t matter anymore even their children will read about your works and admire the qualities you possessed and as far as they are concerned they will disappear is the sands of time for nothing they did amount to anything. Mark my words and write it in your heart:



“Successful people are like beacons of light, a beacon that constantly emits light in every direction, even though the beacon runs out of fuel; the light it gave still travels and shines wherever it strikes.”

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