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Kingdom of Lies

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All the emotions reflect themselves, and the ones that are expressed are the only ones we perceive.

But when observed, each has its flip side, which bursts out of its shadow when conditions go bleak.

I’m emotion, and I’m just an emotion.

I’m not all the shades, neither light nor dark.

Kingdom of Lies

I am life. 

I’m black and white.

There’s been a breach

but nothing’s leaked

no alert is fired

They’re keeping it low

why nobody knows

It’s the King’s call

to handle the situation

on his own

Next morning

the King

asked all his best men

to meet

Everyone bundled

Joy, Love, Honesty, Thrill


also came the infamous best

Anger, Fear, Sadness

All bowed to the King

as he entered

and settled on the

Royal Stone

He then called Surprise

to address all

with the problem


The Queen entered the room

along with Surprise

As everyone moved to rise

She settled them down

with a blink of her eyes

Such was the Kingdom of Life

with Pride, it’s King

and Hope, his beloved wife

Surprise started its tell-all

mentioned the breach

Then came the part

nobody knew

Last night

a few prisoners escaped,


The room

filled up with murmurs

about details

So were announced

their names

Grief, Lust, Pity

and the one’s untamed

Rage, Envy, Agony, Hate

The King worried


will lose Confidence in him

if any of this

goes out

Much that he let out a word

everyone was to

mention the breach

as a security drill


the soldiers were suppose

to capture

and put prisoners back

The Queen assured everyone

when this all ends

Everything will be fine

Months and months

of search

and yet

no escapees were caught

Kingdom was in turmoil

with incidents

of fights and void

Another meeting was set

where King expressed

the stress


this time

Honesty couldn’t just watch

the Kingdom

losing in fog

He insisted

to let the people know

let them understand

and with their


Escapees might not be

able to withstand

But the King

wouldn’t give up

on his word

and Honesty will give away

with or without

his concern

The King

motioned the guards

to arrest Honesty

The King couldn’t

see himself giving up

So he decided to give up

his best man

and maintain the screen

The Queen broke into tears

as she cursed herself

for all the time,

she held the thought

Everything will be fine

Price was paid

Honesty was sacrificed


though it failed

the Kingdom survived

When the King’s days were done

and it was time

to choose his Successor

Of all his best men

he chose none

He introduced a man

it was the prisoner unknown

Lies was his name

and today,

he’s being released without due

Among all cries and roar

the King passed his Throne

Lies, the new King


on the Royal Stone

It wasn’t the end of Kingdom

but the end of Life


though it survived

the Kingdom failed

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