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How to Choose the Best Backpack on the Market for Everyday Use?

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The days of traveling to work with a briefcase are now strictly reserved for bankers and lawyers. The business person in the 21st century is more likely to use a backpack to carry their stuff around. Functionality and comfort are the biggest priorities for backpack users who have a commute.


The ability to have your hands free to hold a coffee cup and a bagel is what makes backpack users so addicted to this form of carrying devices and files around. If you meet someone on the street you know, it is easy to shake hands. It is also important to be able to hold on if your form of public transport stops and starts suddenly.

Here are some tips on what features you should look for when choosing a backpack.


If you are more concerned with finding a backpack that goes with every outfit you wear, then look for a backpack in neutral colors and functional design. Stay away from any backpack that has contrasting zipper colors and loud logos. These draw attention to you and could even mark you out for a potential theft attempt.

If your backpack is in a straight forward style and neutral tone, you can use it in a variety of work and leisure activities. Alternately, if you want to express yourself with a backpack you tote around or need to be able to identify quickly, then go for the bright styles with lots of accessories attached.


No one wants to experience backpack theft. It can happen to your face or behind your back, but losing the contents inside a bag can be devastating. Your safety and security are why you need to choose backpacks with hidden compartments and other safety features.

If you are using your bag to travel outside the country or to and from work, you still need to have one with anti-theft features. These can include things such as slash-proof material (usually a metal mesh lining inside) and anti-scan properties. The companies that manufacture these bags stay informed of every type of scam and theft that happens globally and develop their products to withstand it.

Having handy hidden compartments in your bag is really useful for when you have to use public transport. These don’t just hide the fact you are traveling with documents but make it impossible for someone to locate them as well.


Being able to stand upright is an important part of backpack comfort and convenience. You need the use of both hands to grab hold of rails and foodstuffs. If you are not well balanced or have back pain from the shoulder straps, you can be at a disadvantage when it comes to standing.

Make sure that the backpack you buy is ergonomically designed to alleviate any discomfort from prolonged usage. If you use a bag that hasn’t been recommended for excellent ergonomic comfort, you could be at risk for long term health problems.

These are the three features that you should be on the lookout for when shopping for a new backpack.

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