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How To Curb Cold And Cough At Home?

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It’s too irritating when you have a running nose, and you have to cough and sneeze the whole day long. You consult doctors, who always prescribe you medicines to get rid of cold and cough. Even after taking those medicines, you are not relieved of a cough and cold. Here are a few home-made remedies that can easily kerb your cough and cold in a day:

  • Steam- Steam is the best cure for common cold and cough. The vapours kill the germs that cause cold and cough and give a person big relief. If you are suffering from severe cold and cough, do take steam. To acquire best results make sure you inhale hot vapour droplets for minimum ten minutes and maximum fifteen minutes. It gives you quite a big relief.
  • Honey- Honey is one of the best remedies for cold and cough. It gives you instant relief from a cough. If you are too irritated with a cough and cold, then grab two to three tablespoons of honey and consume them there and then to get better results.
  • Oil massage- Mustard oil is the best remedy not only for a cough and cold, but also minute body aches and pains. If you massage your chest, back and neck area with warm mustard oil twice a day, it will give you perfect results the very next day. It will also give you relief from headaches.                                                                                       images (2)
  • Water- Water is a cure to all related health problems. This is the reason why every doctor suggests a man to keep his body hydrated with water as much as possible. Water is a cure for cold and cough too. Drinking around twelve or more glasses of water a day, when you’re suffering from cold and cough, gives you relief the very next day.
  • Saline water gargle- You might have noticed people gargling with warm and saline water when they have a sore throat. The reason behind this is that when the saline water comes in contact with your throat, the solute concentration outside increases hence favouring ex-osmosis and finally the water inside the germs flow out and hence they die due to the scarcity of water, giving the person instant relief.

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