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How To Make Arrangements For Pet Shipping By Air?

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Animal transport by air is one of the most well-preferred modes of pet travel. This option is popular since it is the fastest method, meaning your pet will not have to spend an extended period in a travel kennel, plus it is more affordable than other options. It is essential to choose a pet transport company that has experience in shipping animals via air so that you will have peace of mind that your beloved pet is in the best hands possible during the relocation process.

Tips On How To Prepare Pets For Air Travel

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Due to pets having to be stuck in their travel kennel for a prolonged period of time, it is vital not to feed your pet a large meal on the day of departure. Instead, give them a light meal of chicken and rice to avoid feeling any discomfort during the flight. Giving them a large meal may lead to constipation or them having a substantial toilet break, which will make the remainder of the trip in the kennel an uncomfortable and messy one. It is better to feed your pet the night before departure and take them for a long, relaxed walk before pet collection, giving them plenty of time to stretch their legs and have their toilet break before the journey. Check out for more pet articles.


Familiar scent

Pets find security in the smell of their owners; therefore, we suggest that you place an old T-shirt with your pet in the travel crate. This will ensure a sense of being close to you while traveling, making them calm. For additional security, we suggest that the item of clothing doesn’t have buckles, buttons, or zips that can be chewed off, causing a choking hazard. Instead, opt for a small kitty or doggy blanket or old T-shirt. Leave items like thick blankets and toys that could be potentially hazardous and take up unnecessary space.


Travel accessories for pets

Don’t include pet accessories like water or feeding bowls, toys, and pet beds. The travel crate is made for your pet’s dimensions, and anything else added to the container may cause a choking hazard or create a space constraint. Instead, take all the additional items with you on board in your hand luggage since airline staff might remove it from the travel kennel due to safety or arrival reasons.


Original paperwork

All pets that are traveling via air must have their original paperwork attached securely to the top of their travel kennel. Your travel agent will communicate this with you before the travel arrangements are made to ensure that you have everything in place long before departure.


Securing a cat

Cats can sense change, and our feline companions often disappear the night or morning before collection. To evade this from happening, we suggest that cat owners must place their cats in a securely closed room the evening before the scheduled collection to avoid last-minute disruptions.


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