How to Play Online Slots?

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Playing online slot games is pretty much like it was with the old-style slot machines – known as One-Armed Bandits – to be found in clubs and bars throughout the world – but now you can learn how to play and win at online slots pretty much wherever you find yourself with time on your hands.

Things move on quickly. In the early days of online slot games, back in the mid-1990s, there were only a few reels and just one pay line.


Now, there are slots with three reels and five reels, and more than 1,000 pay lines. Some slots are based on the very latest Hollywood blockbusters.

All of them, including those at 918kiss, work in pretty much the same way. You don’t have to risk your cash straight away. Often you’re able to “try before you buy” and there are many websites offering online Free slots versions of the games.

Many big slot games developers websites players can find online offer Free slots versions of the real money games.

The reels

Reels are disks with symbols on them which spin inside a slot machine window. Matching the symbols is how slots players win money.

What’s that, how do I activate the reels?

When an online slot is loaded from one of the instant play sites or an online casino, the player is shown a screen filled with reels. Classic slots have just three reels in a vertical pattern but modern video slots tend to have five reels. Each of these reels will tend to have as many as 25 symbols, that will be appropriate for each slot’s theme. The aim is to make the reels spin in the hope they will hit winning symbol combinations when the reels stop spinning. As there are a lot of symbols and a huge number of pay lines there are millions of combinations that could payout.

There’ll be a button marked “Spin” on the screen’s bottom right-hand corner to press to set the reels rolling. Watch out for the games that offer a “Skill Stop” button as these allow the player to stop the reels independently.

The pay lines

Pay lines are the lines where the slot’s winning combinations have to land for the player to win a payout.

What’s that, how can I find pay-lines?

To grasp how to play and win at online slots it is a good idea, before even spinning a reel, for players to click on the game screen icon marked “Paytable” or “Info”  to access a guide to the variety of payouts available, and details of any bonus rounds that may be available.

Before playing a slot for real money, the player sets the sizes of bets and the number of pay lines he or she wants to play. For slot games aimed at people who have less to spend, players can find betting starts from just $0.01 a line.

Players then choose how many coins they would like to bet on a particular line. Anything from one to 10 coins can usually be bet per line. After that, they need to pick how many pay lines they would like to play.

Players can bet on either just one pay line or whatever maximum is available by clicking on the pay lines, usually down the side of the game screen.

For example, if a slot has, say, 25 pay lines, and the betting ranges between $0.01 and $1.00 a coin. The slot games permit the player to bet as many as 10 coins per line. This means the player can play one coin at $0.01 on one of the pay lines, or select the $1.00 a coin with 10 coins per line over the maximum 25 pay lines. In this instance, the bet per spin would be as high as $250. Players can find the “Max Bet” button if they want to jump straight to this option.

The bets

To bet on a slot is to risk an amount of money against the machine based on the unpredictable outcome of how the reels will fall.

Winning Symbols

The way to win with the old-fashioned Classic Slot Machine was to find three identical symbols lined up in the middle of the display. With Online or Video Slots the winning streak could still be in the middle row but it can also appear in the bottom or top rows. It may be on the diagonal or in a zigzag.

With Wild Symbols, it’s possible to win with just two identical symbols. Wilds stand-in for any of the other symbols. So, for example, you can get two cherries and one Wild and win! One spade and two Wilds? You still win. Wild symbols come in all sizes and shapes and sizes and each slot has its own unique Wild design. 

Scatter symbols are also a great feature, which can award you with bonus rounds, coin prizes and free spins. To grab these prizes, you need to have three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels. they do not need to be in any order or location. Scatters don’t have to land on a Pay Line. They just have to be visible on the screen to count.

Slot features

Modern Online and Video slots are blessed with a wealth of features to improve the entertainment and provide extra opportunities to win.

They include:

  •         Bonus rounds, of which there is at least one on most online video slots. The purpose is to break up repetitive spinning giving players something to do besides click spin or max-bet.
  •         Free spins that do what they say on the tin, and are usually offered as a bonus feature on bonus slot machines.
  •         Multipliers, which are a bonus slot machine feature that can multiply payments up to 10 times on a bonus win
  •         The gamble options can frequently result in winning players getting a higher payout than the one offered on the paytable.

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