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How To Tell If Your Date Is A Gentleman?

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So you meet a new guy and go on a few dates with him. He seems interested and interesting. His Facebook page has given you quite a bit of information about his life. He might seem like a catch, but this just might be him being fake to hide his flaws. Maybe he is just putting across a false image to hide his real self. A woman’s intuition can tell, but often it is silenced by the attraction. How to tell if a man is worth the emotional investment? Here are some ways to find out. 



  • He will respect you- He will never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. He will respect you and your choices. He will not mistreat you. He will take his time to develop emotional intimacy before moving to the next stage.
  • He will value more than just your appearance- Your appearance is not the only thing he will appreciate. He will value your personality, intelligence- he will value you.
  • He will encourage you to be the best version of you- He will not ask you to change to fit into his perception of perfection. He will encourage you to attain your goals and never undermine your ambition. He will not be intimidated by your success.
  • He will not be afraid to be direct- He will not hesitate to talk about things that are important. He will listen to you and let you know what he expects. There won’t be any mind games or manipulation. He won’t make you feel needy.
  • He will have other priorities- Though he will make you one of his priorities, his world will not revolve around you. He will have his purpose in life, his friends to spend time with. He will expect you to do the same.
  • He will trust you- He will not doubt you or invade your privacy to make sure that you are not cheating on him.


Both of you need to be on the same page to get into a committed relationship. If two of you expect different things, attraction won’t be enough. Both need to put in an effort to make the relation last. 


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