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Why One Should Ignore Their Horoscope

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Monimoyee Chakrabarty
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We all read horoscopes. There are people who do not believe in it, but it’s so much fun to read! Sometimes, parts of it come true and amaze people everywhere. We always want to believe in something bigger than us, something that we cannot reach. Horoscopes tell us things we can never predict ourselves. They make us aware of what may happen to us, thus giving us the power to prevent it. Are horoscopes that powerful?


Stop and think for a while. How can one predict your future based on your star sign? You are not the only Leo in the world. There are thousands more. How is it possible that all Leos will find love and lose a considerable amount of money around the middle of the month?

And yet, we relate to most of the points we read. That’s possible because horoscopes always use vague statements and generalizations. They are written in such a way that almost anyone in any given situation can relate to it.

‘There will be ups and downs financially with nothing going quite to plan.’ -This is what your horoscope says. Can you relate? Yes, everyone else can too. 


But then, there have been instances where things written in your horoscope have come true– more than once at that. How can you not believe in it, then? Well, co incidences happen all the time. The prediction has been written for every Leo in the area. Maybe, you are the lucky one to win the lottery. Does that mean that the prediction is true? No. It is only a co-incidence. That you do not want to believe that it is a mere co-incidence is because deep inside, we all just want to believe. Even if most of the other predictions aren’t accurate, we’ll emphasize on that one accurate one to justify the accuracy of horoscopes.

One may think that it is fine to read horoscopes whether or not we believe in them. Some of the points can be related to, and it’s so much fun. What one does not realize is that the ‘fun read’ can affect their attitude towards things. This happens subconsciously and cannot be helped. If the horoscope states that a person will not be in good health, the stress and anxiety will lead to health problems. If it states that one will find the one, they will perceive their next blind date to be their only chance at love and unconsciously overlook the signs which say otherwise.

Horoscopes don’t seem fun anymore, do they? 

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