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How to Become a Great Woman: 20 Habits You Should Adopt

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How to become a great woman?

God created women in a way that she could endure everything which is thrown against her. She is born strong, becomes courageous, and achieves the highest heights. One is not born but becomes a woman, which itself is the greatest boon. Women often weigh themselves less to their counterpart males, but she doesn’t realize how strong she is unless she realizes her self-worth.

How to become a great woman? Being a woman myself, I’ve realized that success or your net-worth doesn’t make you a great woman; instead, it’s your habit which changes the game. Young women who are looking for a better life, for instance, eat healthy. I’ve compiled a few practices of great and successful women all around the world, which they follow in their lives. Let’s have a look at the habits to answer how to become a great woman!

20 Habits on How to Become a Great Woman!

1. Prioritizewoman in blue sweater and black pants sitting on rock during daytime

This is not something big that makes you a great woman but a necessary and crucial element to crack the question of how to become a great woman. Prioritize your life. Close your eyes and think what comes to your mind when you consider the essential elements of your life, they may be your family, education, career, love, and similar things which are crucial to you.

Make a list of your priorities and give them enough time so that you nourish each of them to its fullest potential. Work towards your preference and never let anything come between your priority which you can avoid!

2. Balance

This is an essential key on how to become a great woman. Remember that life and universe both works on balance. If you have the correct balance of everything in your life, which you think is necessary, then your experience will be smooth, high, and successful.

After you make a priority list, try to balance your time and energy accordingly to your list. Beyonce practices this in her life, and she brings her passion and family together! Since she can’t spend much time with her family during her music tours, she brings her daughters along the show to be near them and still follow her passion.

This is balance; try to balance your love and family with your work. This is a cheat code on how to become a great woman.

3.Goals:two women sitting on leather chairs in front of table

A boss woman has her goals set. Make this a habit to keep your long goals and your short goals always in your sight. It can be written on a sticky note or a personal diary where you keep track of your progress. How to become a great woman is not just merely being short-sighted, but it means to be dedicated to your goals. These goals can be the short term goal of getting a fit or extended-term goal of buying your dream house.

Women hold many of the top CEO positions, and keeping their goals in mind and driving towards it is what made them great women.

4.Self-respectwoman standing beside blue roller shutter

You don’t have to be successful in your career or get huge recognition to become a great woman. When you respect yourself, accept the way you are, then the world will see you as you see yourself. Realize your self-worth and work towards improving yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you are less than them or make you feel that you are not a competitor for the world.

When you start respecting yourself, that’s a key to how to become a great woman. Never let your self- respect down for anyone who crosses your path. Stand firm on your thoughts and ideas, and you’ll see the world admiring you as a great woman.

5. Aren’t easily intimidatedImage result for JK ROWLING

Standing for yourself in the world against all the odds is intimidating and daunting, but there are some examples to prove that when you stand up against all the odds that’s how you become a great woman. One of the best examples is J.K. Rowling, who was a single mother who faced a lot of rejections, yet she refused to be intimidated and created a 15 million dollar brand over the years.

Being great is just following these simple habits which build up your personality over the period. You should defend yourself and believe in what you think you can be in the next five years.

6.Learn and evolve:Image result for lucille ball

A woman with a character doesn’t give up if she commits a mistake or if she is criticized for it. She learns and grows into a great woman. That is the difference between a woman of character and a normal woman.

Lucille Ball is an example of one such woman who, despite constant criticism, didn’t give up. She was tagged as a failed actress, but proving everyone wrong, she evolved from her mistakes and became the first woman to run a major television studio and was rewarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This is a simple answer to how to become a great woman is to learn and evolve into a better human being, and greatness will follow your way.

7.ObservantImage result for INDIRA NOOYI

A great woman is observant about herself and her surroundings. If you are forgetful, clumsy, or irresponsible, then this is the first step that you can do to overcome all those tags imposed on you. An observant woman is always quick to analyze what comes in her way and overcomes it.

Indira Nooyi was the former CEO of Pepsico. And she believes that a woman should be observant and decide her actions, which affect her personally and professionally. She has to learn to cope with sacrifice. Being a great woman is not easy; one has to be observant and learn to adapt according to the needs. That is the answer to how to become a great woman.

8.Kind and generousImage result for princess diana

Society thinks that a woman should naturally be kind and generous, which is not the case generally. Everybody should have these qualities, but a great woman is always helpful and generous. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, make little habits in your daily life where you show an act of kindness and generosity knowingly or unknowingly.

Princess Diana is known for her kind and generous nature. There are many charity trusts in her name, which helps AIDS patients and other needy health organizations. Kindness and generosity is the answer to how to become a great woman.

9.Gratitude and humbleImage result for michelle obama

When you ask the question as to how to become a great woman, the first step is to self introspect and see if you are humble enough.
You can’t achieve greatness if you have an ego in you. When you are humble, you learn to accept your follies, which in turn makes you approachable.

You are always attracted to a person who is humble and is polite. It shows the character of a person. Michelle Obama is one such person, the former lady of the USA, who is humble not only in her personality but also in her speech and behavior.

10.Away from jealouslywoman surrounded by butterflies

Any woman who knows that jealousy is the one thing that can easily ruin anything which you have built up till now. If you want to make yourself accustomed to one factor, that should be to avoid jealousy. Answering the question of how to become a great woman, first, you have to write down your flaws, and if you have envy in the list, then try to work on it from now on.

Great women know their worth, and they can’t be easily made insecure, which in turn means that they don’t get jealous of their co-fellows or any other factor because they are confident about their work, and they’re worth.

11.No comparisonwoman in coat

How to be a great woman by following steps mentioned in the Google search won’t make you high. You have to imbibe certain qualities into your habit, which will make you stand out but still won’t assure your monitory fame or prosperity.

Great women are the women who know their worth and can’t be easily intimidated by anyone. They don’t compare themselves with others and feel less compatible. Inferiority complex and self-doubt don’t affect them since they have confidence in themselves and surround themselves with people who make her feel confident and positive.

12.Meditatewoman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

This is a habit you must include if you want your mind and body to be in sync and help you to feel grounded, relaxed, and rejuvenating. How to become a great woman is a question every woman asks oneself but doesn’t act upon. If you are aiming at a goal, then meditation in the morning or whenever you feel stressed out will help.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, who is the three-time Olympic gold medalist, begins her day with 10-20 minutes of meditation. Not only her, but many such celebrities and great women meditate because, during this time, their body relaxes, and they can self analyze, reflect, and sync with the goals. Meditation helps you in a lot more beneficial way than it is known.

13.Health and sleepwoman laying on bed

It is known that geniuses and famous people don’t sleep that often because it is commonly believed that sleeping is a waste of time, but it is not. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may be ruining your health, mental, and physical both.

To be focused on whatever you put your mind to will benefit the best results, and your sleep plays a significant role in it. Being fit and healthy also comes along with it. Having a fit body, a healthy lifestyle, and the right amount of sleep is a habit you should add to your life if you want to achieve success.

14.Worth of little thingshow to become a great woman

Greatness doesn’t come to those who believe that it is in doing great things; instead, it is the small things in your life that add on to your greatness. You might not remember the minor stuff you did for others, but it might be an excellent thing for them, and this is how you become significant to a person unconsciously.

Value small things in your life. Be grateful for the things which you receive. Gratitude makes you exceptional, not a success. Become an essential person by doing small things, value little emotions, feelings, goals, gestures, and so on.

15.Financial stabilityImage result for dolly parton

A woman should be financially stable because she doesn’t have to depend on anyone for her life, unlike the traditional belief that a man is needed to look after the financial needs of a woman, which is wrong.

Dolly Parton is a businesswoman worth 500 million dollars, and she has a mantra which she follows to achieve her goals. She internalizes and realizes her goals and believes that she has achieved them to reach the set goal. Your success and wealth will never tell about your greatness, but what you do with it is what will define your importance.


Learn to accept failure like Simone Biles, who, despite a lot of failures, stuck on her final goal and look at what she has achieved! An astonishing four-time Olympian gold medallist, ten times world championship gold medallist, and her net worth of 2 million dollars. But do these things make her a great woman?

Learning to accept your failure and not letting it pull you down is a habit of a great woman, which you should also do.


shallow focus photography of woman in white dress dancing
Develop your skill in every world. Accumulate various skills, pursue your hobby, and be a versatile person, and the world will automatically see you as a great woman.

This answers your question on how to become a great woman. Be versatile, follow your passion and let the world see you shine to the path of greatness.

18.Equalitytwo woman photo

Believe inequality. Great women have always stepped forward for the equality rights of the unprivileged and suppressed ones. There are many examples from history and even in the present days where women have raised their voice against the wrong things.

How to become a great woman is to follow these simple yet robust habits in your life, which won’t assure you of the greatness you wish for but definitely will get you recognized for your works and deeds.

19.Strong-willedwoman wearing black sports bra facing front selective focus photography

A great woman is strong-willed, in her mind, decisions, goals, and anything vital regarding herself and her surroundings. If you are easily persuaded, then this is on habit, which you have to cultivate in you to become a strong-willed great woman.

Be firm on your decisions and believe in what you stand for, and greatness will find you. There are many freedom rights women fighters in your history book, which won’t leave you short of examples of great women.


two women holding flowers
This is most difficult in today’s scenario, as everyone is easily persuaded for more. Believe in “less is more,” and you will find it easier to be humble and grateful, which are the two habits listed above on how to become a great woman.

Read the dreams and passion of a strong woman!

Hopefully, these habits will help you to achieve what you were seeking. Greatness can be different for everyone, but if you at least follow some of these habits, surely you will be remembered, and that is the greatest thing a human can achieve!

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