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How to Get Finland Work Visa from India?

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How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 1
I came to know about Finland when I was searching for northern lights at a very young age. Eventually, Finland opened its treasure box to me, showing its stunning lakes, the Lapland, and magnifying wildlife. Visiting this country at least once in a lifetime is a must, but what about working in the world’s happiest country? This Nordic nation is known to be one of the best countries to work for its high level of acceptance, equality, safety, healthy work environment, and high value to employee satisfaction. But how to grab an opportunity to work in Santa Claus’ home nation? In this article, we will show you the correct path to get Finland work visa from India.

Finland work visa from India

1. Residence permit:

To get a work visa in Finland, you must find a job there first. And after getting a job, you will usually need a residence permit to get a Finland work visa from India. Residence permits are required when you plan to stay there for more than 90 days. In Finland, the type of your resident license depends upon your work.

As there are specific residence permits available for certain types of work. You can find your kind of application here. You should apply for your residence permit as soon as you get a job in Finland. You can apply for a residence permit online from here or offline from here.

2. Salary requirements:

According to the International laws, no matter which country you’re working in, your salary must be enough to satisfy your daily needs in that country. According to Finnish law, your salary must be at least EUR 1,236 per month in 2020 to make you eligible to get a Finland work visa from India.

How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 2

3. Visiting the Embassy of Finland or Visa Facilitating Service (VFS) Global Application center:

After submitting your application for a residence permit (whether online or offline), it’s time to get verified. You need to visit the Embassy of Finland (New Delhi) or VFS Application center to submit the required legal documents and biometric identifiers i.e., fingerprints, photographs, signature, etc. You can book an appointment online by clicking here or visit the application center.

4. Pay the application and processing fees:

If you haven’t already paid the required fees online while applying for a residence permit, you need to submit it to the VFS Global Application center of Embassy of Finland during the verification process. You can check the relevant fees based on your application form for getting Finland’s work Visa from India, visiting the official site here. Please note that the application and processing fees payable by the applicant are non-refundable. So even if you decide later to not work in the world’s happiest country or for some reason your application gets rejected, you won’t get a single penny back.How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 3

5. Review and a partial decision made by a Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland:

Based on your application to get a Finland work visa from India, a Finnish Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment will make their partial decision reviewing the current status of the job field you’re applying for. Your application will be reviewed and taken further only if there are enough vacancies or employees needed in the field you applied for.

6. Prepare for an interview, just in case:

After you finish the steps as mentioned earlier, your application enters the queue to be processed by the Finnish Immigration Service. And in some instances, you might get a call from them to appear for an interview. Don’t worry; they are just cross-checking the documents you have submitted and the reason for your application to get a Finland work visa from India.

How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 4

7. Track your application status:

Once you apply for a residence permit online, the data regarding your application is updated on the site automatically. You can log in here with your email ID and password to track your application status online. For offline applicants applying for Finland’s work visa from India, you can call the Finnish Immigration Service to get updates regarding your application.

8. Stay patient:

The reviewing and processing time is high, so don’t lose hope or patience. You and your employer will be notified through email and calls once a decision is made regarding your application to get a Finland work visa from India. In case of a favorable decision, you will have to collect your permit card from the Embassy of Finland. Congratulations! You have received a Finland work visa from India, and you’re good to go to work in the magnificent Nordic nation. Don’t lose hope. If you receive an adverse decision, you can apply for the intervention of the Administrative Court and get justice.How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 5

  • Documents required to apply for a Finland work visa from India:

Like most other visa applications, to apply for the Finland work visa from India, you’ll need the following documents-

1. A valid passport:

You need to submit your original and genuine passport issued within the last ten years, and it must be valid for at least six months more than your span of staying in Finland. Also, it must have a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp, and it must not be damaged in any way.

How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 6

2. Completed application form:

You need to complete and submit the application form to get a Finland work visa from India following the steps mentioned earlier.

3. Photographs:

At least two recent color photographs have to be submitted according to the general photo guidelines i.e.; the background should be white, the pictures should be within the dimension of 35X45 mm, the face should be visible clearly, etc.

4. Proof of having travel insurance:

You need to submit evidence of your travel insurance, authorized by any legal insurance company, to be eligible for the Finland work visa from India. The insurance must be worth 30,000 Euros and be valid during the tenure of your stay in Finland.

5. Copies of air tickets:

Copies of your air tickets to Finland have to be produced as well to validate your application.

How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 7

6. Official offer letter from the employer-based in Finland:

The formal employment letter has to be legalized by the Finnish government and submitted for the visa issuing process.

7. Employer’s contact details

You must provide your employer’s contact details, including the registered address of the office.

8.  Purpose of Visit

A written submission stating the purpose of visit

9.   Other Requirements

A written bid stating the purpose of other general requirements like being in good health, not being banned from entering Finland under any law, not being a threat to Finland’s national and international relations are needed to be fulfilled by the applicant to be eligible for a Finland work visa from India.

  • Reasons to work in Finland:

1. Who doesn’t want to work in the world’s happiest country?

Yes, you read it right. Based on a number of factors Finland left behind all other countries in the world securing the top position in the 2019 World Happiness Report.How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 8

2. Equality:

Did you know Finland was the first country to give its women the right to vote? From then Finland has been consistently making its mark to set examples of gender equality. Be it income equality or free education and free healthcare to all, Finland always keeps its citizens ahead of everything else.

How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 9

3. Extremely safe society:

In Santa Claus’ land, everyone wants to be good. Maybe that’s why the crime rate in Finland is one of the lowest in the world. The World Economic Forum has crowned Finland as the safest tourist destination in the whole world.

4. Man above all:

The Finnish government is known to accept everyone including the immigrants who shift to Finland for work or study purposes. If you’re in Finland, you’ll be treated as equally as any other Finnish citizen. No wonder why Finland has the most trustworthy police in Europe.

5. Perfect work-life balance:

Finnish organizations are famous for their polite and kind behavior towards the employees. According to several statistics, Finnish employers make sure to help the employees balancing work and life simultaneously. The icing on the cake is the cake can be the magnificent nature, clean environment, stunning travel opportunities, high salaries, and what not!How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 10

Every year thousands of Indians choose Finland as their career destination because of the ideal work and life environment the country offers to all. According to the Finnish government more the 50% of highly skilled professionals in Finland are Indians. And guess what do Santa Claus’ countrymen have more to offer us?How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 11

In 2019, the Finnish Employment Minister Timo Harakka announced that the 52 days long application process to get a Finland work visa from India, will be reduced to just 15 days starting from 2020. India and Finland have maintained a strong bilateral bond for decades and this wonderful country awaits to offer you the perfect work atmosphere, a healthy and happy life, never-ending opportunities to get stunned by scenic beauties, seeing the northern lights through glass igloos, test your strength in the wife carrying competition and many more!                       How to Get Finland Work Visa from India? 12

In a nutshell, Finland can be your ultimate destination to get an ideal work-life balance, and this article, your ultimate guide to knowing how to get a Finland work visa from India.

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