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How to Play Darts: Quick Tips For Beginners – 10 Awesome Tips

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In this article we will read about how to play darts. Darts is a strategically intensive game where you throw small pointed arrows onto a board called Dartboard. In addition to being a competitive sport, Dart is also a club game that is played through the United Kingdom and Europe.

This game can be played by men and women. Many games can be played on a dartboard, but they usually refer to a match in which the player throws three darts by visiting the table. The goal is to reduce a fixed score.

The most common scoring system in how to play darts is from 501 or 301; the player has to diminish the score to zero.

Dart games are usually played between two people, but sometimes two teams can play. The other variations of the darts that are played in the world are American darts, archery darts, audio darts, cricket, dart ball, fives, cut half it, killer, grass darts, Shanghai, and Ranger.

The World Professional Dart Championship is organized every year is usually held in winter around Christmas or New Year.

how to play darts


Most professional games are “501 Up”. It’s the simplest game. Each player starts with a score of 501 and turns to throw 3 darts. The score for each turn is calculated and deducted from the total players. Bulls eye Scores 50, the outer ring scores 25, and a dart in the double or acute ring count double or treble the segment score.

The goal is to be the first player to reduce the score at exactly zero, the only one being that the last dart thrown by the player must land in a double or the bull’s eye.

If a player reduces the score to 1 or goes below zero, the score is a bust, which turns immediately and the score is returned to what it was at the beginning of this tour.

For example, if a player has 32 out and the first dart is a 16, the second is a 15, the player is a bust, and the score is returned to 32. So, on the last turn, it is not necessary to launch the 3 darts – A player can win with the first or second dart of the turn.

Everyone cannot bear so many hours of training, but again, not every dart player can be a world-class dart player.

When you walk on this point, it is better to know that you have done everything you can and practice as much as you can rather than think that you could have done better with your practice sessions.

You must find the right balance, however, as the practice too often can cause a lot of mental stress and even injury. You do not want to get fatigued while how to play darts.

On the other hand, before an important tournament, different professional players practice differently. Some practice a little while others may need more time to warm up. But you do not want to leave your good darts in the practice room, so to speak.

how to play darts

How to play darts: The basics

1. Grip

The key to a coherent and coherent dart player first knows the correct way to catch your darts.

To begin, if you were not already aware; you can hold a dart with two, three, four, or even five fingers. We advise you to choose the one that is the most comfortable for you.

However, most players tend to use a three-fingered grip. There are unique ways of how to play darts.

The best way to choose a good adhesion is to contain the dart and throw it from a point where most of the weight is focused.

The easiest grip to start is called “pencil handle”. In this strategic grip, you hold the dart similar to a pencil, with your opposite thumb holding against the first two fingers, the index and the middle.


2. Standing position

When playing darts, you throw a predetermined distance that can be called a line of launch, a toe line, or most often, the “oche”.

The Oche is placed at a distance of 7 feet and a quarter thumb from the face of the dartboard. Getting to learn the ‘cohe’ is key to how to play darts.

When people practice their stance, people tend to perform the position they take. Of course, your position is an important aspect of your launch. Maintaining a good position improves your body stability, thus improving the consistency of your launch.


3. Throw

The first thing to consider when launched the dart is the position of your arm. Always start your throw with the extension of your arms and lift it at a parallel level on the ground.

Next step, while comfortably grabbing the dart and taking your position, focus on the area of ​​the picture where you want the dart to strike.

If you set your arm correctly while entering the dart (as shown on the right), you should have a large line of sight, the barrel of your dart.


4. Good at counting

Counting is one of the important aspects of darts that even benefits can always learn even after years of play professionally. Good Counting will help in how to play darts.

For example, if you hit something you do not expect to hit, it can prevent you from focusing for a moment to consider your options.

This breaks your rhythm and flow.

And that’s the last thing you want to get while you play.


5. Have good shoes

The shoes you have can play a more important role in your performance than you imagine. Different shoes can affect your height in varied ways. It can be just enough so that something does not feel well. Having good shoes is a key of how to play darts.

On the other hand, if you play in the local league or a tournament, you will spend long hours on foot. You would want to wear comfortable shoes.

how to play darts

6. Have the conviction of your skills

This advice seems very basic but is the key to becoming how to play darts.

Be patient. It takes time to become good at darts and develop those majestic coherent throws.

It also takes patience because not every day will be good days. On certain days, there could be bad days at practice. However, let go of such occurrences as a bad memory.


7. Innovate in practice

Do not be afraid to try different and new techniques, positions, or grips of holding your darts.

You can never really find what works for you if you persist in only one technique or a way of practicing. Keep an open mind how to play darts if some things will work while others will not.

And the more you continue to play, the more your technique would improve and your style will evolve and change over time.


8. Learn from your mistakes

It’s a fact of life – some days are excellent, your dedication needs to be incredible; you would want to strike all the targets. But every day will not be like that.

The thing is – especially more experienced, everyone has bad days and you have to learn to face them.

Many people may have trouble keeping their practice rhythm high without losing motivation, but it’s necessary.

Focus on the work that must be done and practice; do not engulf yourself with too many emotions. That could affect your performance every day.

While perfectionism can help you when used properly, it can also cause you a lot of problems.


9. Be consistent with your darts

When something works for you, keep practicing it to become muscle memory.

If you feel more confident and comfortable playing with your old sluggish darts, so do not worry about what others how to play darts.

However, it is sometimes worth trying to get a new set of the same darts other than that you have been using for a while. The handle fades and darts can even become lighter during their wear. And you may be surprised to see how the same set – in the same series of darts feel.


10. Treat the game as a leisure activity

You do not need to aspire to become the next big star professional in darts. You can enjoy it and you will draw good playing in your room or bar or pub with your friends.

It’s so simple if you do not like playing darts, you will not be able to be good.

If there is one thing that champions can agree on, it is just to enjoy the game.

how to play darts

Benefits of playing darts

Now that you have learned to master the art of how to play darts, you must also know how much it can be beneficial for your health.

Although you can think that dart players are unfit and simply play for a fun way to spend time, playing darts has many health and mental benefits.

Improves balance

The darts are more than a shot. Darts are also extremely beneficial to help improve your stability and balance, over time. You will be able to analyze how your mind and muscles react with you force them to act in tandem.

According to some studies, how to play darts have a positive effect on the performance of the nervous system and are thus beneficial for people who play darts regularly.

Helps with mental fitness

If you know one thing or two about the darts game, you will know that most games require some degree of mathematical and rapid arithmetic thinking.

Regular strategic thinking and basic mathematical equations help keep the mental edge, which is proven to be extremely beneficial for older professionals.

We hope this article on how to play darts has helped you to get started in playing the darts game. Hope you find thrill in the game.


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